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Harald Bauweraerts
MABO - Lycée Maria-Boodschap - Rue de la Braie 22, 1000 Bruxelles

The hurdy-gurdy, created during the Middle Ages (IXe century), is a string instrument where the strings are rubbed with a wooden wheel instead of a bow. The wheel is turned by a hand crank with the right hand, while the melody is played on a keyboard with the left hand. As most of the other acoustic instruments, the hurdy-gurdy has a sounding board and a hollow space to make the strings’ vibrations audible.

In class, you will first learn the basics. Rhythm, melody and technique will be broadly discussed, as these are the starting points to play, improvise and compose tunes with the hurdy-gurdy. Exercises on improvising, making arrangement, playing together and adding a second voice are also part of the programme. Music scores can be provided if necessary.

All levels are welcome!

Necessary material:

  • hurdy-gurdy G/C/D
  • rosin, cotton, …
  • recorder (or smartphone)

The professor can help you find an instrument, do not hesitate to ask him for advice.

Harald Bauweraerts

Harald Bauweraerts is a musical jack of all trades.

In addition to playing the electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy, he is enthusiast about all sorts of analog synthesizers, effects, percussions and sequencers.

Harald strives to achieve a beautiful and harmonious symbiosis between the analog and numeric world, between acoustic and electronic, and between light and dark. Through the ages, from one culture to another.

Achievements: Lais, Embrun, Trio Pilartz/Gielen/Bauweraraerts, Eurosong, Eriksson/Delqroix, Orgamusa, Aedo, Beatball, Woodshakes, Dansa Del Sol, Harald,…

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MABO - Lycée Maria-Boodschap
Rue de la Braie 22, 1000 Bruxelles


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