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We have been moved by the recent scenes of migrants arriving in Europe. That’s why we have decided to bring together around twenty musicians who are refugees from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Tibet. We have assembled a group of virtuoso performers from different regions of the world who have put down roots in Belgium and who hope to make their voices heard through their music. Our objective is to reveal talents and cultural treasures that have become virtually invisible in Belgium. These are experienced musicians who have been trained at some of the most prestigious music academies in the Middle East (Damascus, Baghdad, Aleppo) and who have passed through a string of musical centres dotted along the former Silk road.

These talents form the basis of the project that we are launching with them. Together, we aim to develop a project that will help them to find their place and reconstruct their lives in Belgium. Their CD builds bridge between the musicians and the different traditions they represent, in order to produce an album that is rich, innovative and a mark of diversity and cultural exchange.

This album aims at highlighting the virtuosos who took part in it, but also at supporting artistic activities with other refugees in Belgium. With this mind, a part of the benefits from the CD sale will go to Globe Aroma and Synergie 14 to support their activities.


Ali Shaker Hassan Albayati (qanun)
Asad Qizilbash (sarod)
Bassel Abu Fakher (cello)
Bassel Khalil (guitar)
Dolma Renqingi (voice)
Fakher Madallal (voice, percussion)
Hussein Rassim (ud)
Kelsang Hula (dramyen, voice)
Khaled Alhafez (voice, percussion)
Majid Zare (tabla)
Mohammad Aman Yusufi (dambura, voice)
Javad Mousavi Seyed (percussion)
Norbu Pam (guitar)
Norbu Tsering (flute, voice, dramyen, erhu)
Shalan Alhamwy (violin)
Tammam Al Ramadan (ney)
Tarek Alsayed Yahya (ud)
Yeshi Wangyal (voice)

Dahlia Mees (erhu)
Pieter Lenaerts (double bass)
Simon Leleux (percussion)
Tristan Driessens (ud)
Vardan Hovanissian (duduk)


  1. Chomolungma
  2. Fawq Alna Khel
  3. Babylon
  4. Nowruz
  5. Spring
  6. The Second Day of Spring
  7. Gurriya
  8. Qamarun Yajlo
  9. Retonbo
  10. Carava
  11. Amerli
  12. Jiran
  13. Jeljelaak Mui Dari
  14. All Sentient Beings

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