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Out of the Blue (LP) (2023)

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  • Here comes some musical rawness, some poetic absurdity, some human tenderness, some beauty, some bullshit. Here is our second album: OUT OF THE BLUE, for you. It is a coming-of-age, growing out of something dark and blue, it is a trip to cinematographic landscapes. In this album we travel wider & deeper, with humour, sensitivity, questions.The human species came out of the blue. A combination of random factors enabled life to come about. We started off as fish, swaying our tails and fins in the big blue seas. And look at us now, monkeys running behind digital clocks, sticking to our screenshots, drawing straight lines as borders on an Earth that keeps her wavy shapes regardless.OUT OF THE BLUE is a passionate, subtle and simple, liquid and musical voyage. A combination of seemingly random sounds and words that create a vibrant sense of being alive, just for a moment, with its lightness & drama, its pleasures & pains, with its soft, ridiculous and confronting twists. Let the ride be fleshy & alive, enjoy!

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