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Blindnote (2010)

We proudly present you the 3th cd on the Muziekpublique label (Brussels). This cd is the fruit of the Blindnote project, which brings together the leading members of the Belgian world music scene. The project is based on live performances where both the audience and musicians are initially plunged into darkness, in order to enhance their appreciation of the pure beauty of the music. Some thirty instruments, from the sub-Saharan hoddu to the Anatolian saz, contribute to Blindnote’s unique meeting of sounds. Blindnote supports the work of the Belgian NGO Light for the World, which cares for blind children in Africa.


Karim Baggili (Belgium): guitar, oud, violin, bass, vocals
Malick Pathe Sow (Senegal/Be): hoddu, guitar, calabash, vocals
Talike (Madagscar/Be): percussion, vocals
Vardan Hovanissian (Armenia/Be): duduk, shvi Emre Gültekin (Turkey/Be): baglama, cöğür, şelpe, kopuz , cura, tanbur, vocals
Osvaldo Hernandez (Mexico/Be): cuatro, pandeiro, bombo, flutes, shakers, maracas, riq, darbouka, bongo, vocals


  1. Chiraki Par
  2. Derman sendedir
  3. Zahay mbe niajaja
  4. Joolelel
  5. Soleil à trois pattes
  6. Zalaznica
  7. Como luna llena
  8. Nagninogne
  9. Siretsi Yars Taran
  10. Silmaxa
  11. Navavar
  12. Hü Dost
  13. Mexicas
  14. Citlali
  15. Andao ene holy


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