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Peixe e Limão

An enchanting trio

The Belgian-Italian trio Peixe e Limão oscillates between folk, classical music, pop and jazz. Adorned with cello, acoustic guitar and a magnificent voice, this trio works its own multilingual repertoire, in which Flavia Clementi seduces with songs inspired by Caetano Veloso, Lankum or Prévert’s poems. Guitarist Thomas Van Bogaert and cellist Federico Bragetti propose superb melodies, pleasing to the ear, taking turns in a direction tinged with surprising rhythmic arrangements.

They offer a wide range of lyrical music from the South, in a variety of languages, and depict a journey through South America, Italy, France, Spain… This cross-cultural encounter between artists who share a love of lyrical and poetic music will take you into a world populated by sweet melodies and danceable grooves.

Musicians :

Flavia Clémenti (IT/BE) : Voice

Thomas Van Bogaert (BE) : Guitar

Federico Bragetti (IT/BE) : Cello



Flavia loved to sing in the shower, or with her musician friends in Montmartre. She loved (and still loves) to spontaneously leave vocals as messages and compose a cappella melodies in minor mode. Then one day she opened up just as spontaneously about her desire to sing outside her bathroom. She is introduced to Thomas by Federico, her friend and favorite cellist, and the magic happens. A singer in spite of herself, but a singer in her guts. All she needed was a hint of audacity and the right playing partners. Her talent and authenticity are self-evident, and are her only guides.


Federico Bragetti first encountered the cello, which was to become his companion on many adventures, at the Genoa Conservatory in Italy, where he spent the first decade of his musical career studying with professors Nevio Zanardi and Paolo Ognissanti. After two years in Poland and the Netherlands, he moved to Brussels to complete his academic career at the Royal Conservatory, in the class of Professor Olsi Leka. His musical interests are wide-ranging, as he experiments with contemporary and electronic music and is involved in jazz and world music projects; however, an ever-present love is baroque music, which he first discovered within his family. He likes to experiment with his instrument, playing it as a voice, bass or even percussion.


At a very young age, Thomas started playing classical guitar in his hometown Bruges. Since his studies in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels with Europe’s leading classical guitaris Antigoni Goni (Greece), he is part of various musical projects going from classical ensembles to bands in pop, rock and world. Having studied in Bologna, Italy, and some highlight musical adventures such as touring in Iran (2018), France (2021)…,  Thomas brought those musical memories back to Brussels, where he is active as performer and ambitious teacher, sharing his artistic voice in a performative and creative way.



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Trio Peixe e Limão: ‘Wij brengen vooral zonnige muziek’

Upcoming concerts

07/07/24 Merode Festival (Heverlee, BE)
06/09/24 Art Base (Brussels, BE)
07/09/24 Folk Festival Marsinne (Couthuin , BE)
22/09/24 Bar du Matin (Brussels, BE)

Past concerts

09/06/24 Maison Lismonde (Linkebeek, BE)
06/06/24 Guinguette Amazone (Brussels, BE)
02/06/24 Jardins de Saint-Jacques (Trois-Ponts, BE)
10/05/24 Merode Festival (Tongerlo, BE)
09/05/24 Merode Festival (Aarschot, BE)
04/05/24 Full Circle (Brussels, BE)
24/04/24 Etterbeek Bibliotheek (Brussels, BE)
21/04/24 DE ROMA (Antwerp, BE)
18/04/24 KFK Hope Session (Brussels, BE)
12/04/24 Fabriques (Brussels, BE)
29/03/24 SOFAR Sound (Paris, FR)

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Tel : +32 2 217 26 0