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Las Lloronas

When World music meets Slam poetry

After touring across Europe, the Brussels-based trio returns to the Belgian capital with their luggage full of songs. Their writing has matured – it is poetic, sharp but always to the point, taking a firm stance in a constantly changing society. The vocal harmonies for which they are renowned are still very present, inviting us to drop our guard, to let our tears roll – tears of joy, of sorrow, or inexplicable relief. Las Lloronas once again transport us into a world where we can be our quirky, vulnerable and plural selves.

 Sura Solomon (BE/USA), Amber in ‘t Veld (ES/NL) and Marieke Werner (DE) started out as street-musicians, united around their passion for sociology, activism and art. Their debut album « Soaked », driven by their intimate, multilingual feminist poetry, touched thousands of listeners. Now they’re back with « Out of the Blue », a second album that’s stronger, more daring and extremely moving.

 Las Lloronas’ performance is often described as highly original, yet their music also has a timeless quality: it goes under your skin, it is emotionally raw and ravishing, something to be found in many folk traditions, such as Klezmer, Flamenco or Blues. Still accompanied by guitar, ukulele, accordion and clarinet, they create a unique musical universe far from genre codes. Inspired by musicians such as Lhasa de Sela, Akua Naru, Giora Feidman, Chavela Vargas and Rodrigo Amarante, they create a delicious polyphonic symbiosis that can only be described as « Las Lloronas ».

  • Amber in ‘t Veld – vocals, guitare (ES/NL)
  • Sura Solomon – vocals, accordion, ukulele (BE/USA)
  • Marieke Werner – clarinet, vocals (DE)




Las Lloronas is a Brussels-based trio that merges world music with slam poetry. Three voices assert their intimate lyrics, they soak in harmonies and melancholic melodies. In their performance, Las Lloronas share a moment of powerful vulnerability, on the verge of lament, daydream and battle cry.

Sura Solomon (BE/USA), Amber in ‘t Veld (ES/NL) and Marieke Werner (DE) meet years earlier, sharing a passion for sociology, activism and art. This passion now translates and transforms into music. Reflecting their experiences and origins, their work merges world music and slam, giving birth to multilingual and intimate feminist poetry. Harmonies happen effortlessly, provoking a musical crush between the three voices. This is what drives them to pursue the project professionally.



Cara Van Der Auwera

Interview on the “Music Matters” programme on Belgian radio station Klara (from 1:13:00).

Alfredo Rodriguez

Las Lloronas are in the news of the Spanish magazine Musicazul.

Catuxa Salom

Las Lloronas are in the news of the Spanish magazine Inout.

Grit Friedrich

“Run” is on the playlist of the ‘Folk und Welt’ programme on German radio station MDR Kultur.


“Run” is in the emerging artists playlist of Spanish magazine Musikalia.

DJ Madame B

Las Lloronas are featured on the “Donne Del Mundo” programme, dedicated to world music and broadcast by Pacifica Radio Network in North America.


Las Lloronas are in the latest monthly selecton of “20 extraordinary tracks from around the globe” on Greedio, Greedy for Best Music’s radio station.


Las Lloronas are featured on the Spanish show Sonidos y Sonados on Radio Granollers.

INDYROCK Magazine (ES)

Review of “Run” in the Spanish magazine Indyrock.


“Backed by a stylish video, superbly directed by Maria Lorente Becerra, this new single questions the passage of time with a fine dose of poetry and a beating chorus.”


“For this second album Out of the Blue, Las Lloronas have embarked on an exciting audiovisual collaboration. In this project, Maria has created an intimate documentary that explores the behind-the-scenes lives of these artists as they composed the songs for the album, bringing to life the title Inside Las Lloronas.”


“Run” stands out for its originality, its absurd and endearing approach, and its singular aesthetic that evokes the essence of a short film.


The clip for ‘Run’ was premiered on the website of Spanish magazine Mondo Sonoro.

Vpro (NL)

Las Lloronas vanuit het Duvelhok in Tilburg

Vrije Geluiden sessies

folk radio UK (UK)
Richard Hollingum

*** TOP 10 ALBUMS OF 2021

Brigitte Mahaux

“Accompanied by accordion, guitar, ukulele and clarinet, their voices fuse intimate lyrics with melancholic harmonies, for a simple, beautiful, strong and touching result. Voices impregnated, gorged with their XXIst century, with their fears, their sorrows and their joys… “

Klara (BE)

“In their music, voices, clarinet, guitar, accordion and ukulele form a powerful vulnerability. The ability to express pure and deep emotions is central. This results in pure, raw music that speaks from the gut.”

Le Monde (FR)
Patrick Labesse

“Bringing together with ease polyphonies and slam, they sign an album of a radiant delicacy”

RNR Magazine (UK)

****”That the meaning is open to discussion is at the heart of what makes Soaked intriguing , whilst their musical virtuosity entertains.”

Deutschlandfunk (DE)

“SOAKED” Review

Blogfoolk (IT)

“SOAKED” review

“(trad) Las Lloronas look at the world through an original and dreamy vision, revealing subtle emotions that make Soaked an authentic and refined work.”

Melodiva (DE)

“SOAKED” review

BBC Late Junction (UK)

Verity Sharp has played “Me Confio” in her broadcast.

Songlines (UK)

“SOAKED” album review

Soaked is a memorable emotional ride from melancholia to euphoria and back again.

New Folk Sounds (NL)

“SOAKED” Review

Folk Radio (UK)

“Las Lloronas bring light and comment to our new world, a world of mixed languages and mixed emotions.

Podwireless Radio Show (UK)

Ian Anderson (former news editor of fRoots) has played the song “Me Confio” in his broadcast.

Sunday Times Culture Magazine (EN)

“Soaked” review by Clive Davisin the Sunday Times Culture Magazine, 21th February.

BBC Radio 3 (EN)

Lopa Kothari has played « Bukra » in his broadcast Music Planet on BBC Radio 3, saturday 6th of February.

La Touche belge (BE)

“Las Lloronas, Trio voix, instruments pour leur Nouvel Album “SOAKED” avec Muziekpublique”

Tonart (DE)

Album review & interview on German radio Deutschlandfunk Kultur, ‘Tonart’

MDR Kultur 'Folk und Wet' (DE)

Album review & interview on German radio MDR KULTUR, ‘Folk und Welt’

Musiczine (BE)

Album review on musiczine.net

Songlines (UK)

Best new albums – april 2021

ORF 1 - Spielräume (AT)

Album review on Austrian radio ORF 1, ‘Spielräume’

Larsen (BE)

« Un projet frais et original qui suscite la réflexion. »


« Het is een afwisselend, breekbaar doch krachtig en moedig album geworden vol oprechte, voelbare emoties, maar ook één van een intense, overrompelende pracht. »


« Leur musique est hybride et défie tous les classements, sauf ceux du rêve et de l’enchantement. « 



Sura Solomon was the guest of the “Courrier Recommandé” on BX1.


« Nu, dat is gigantisch: waar je op de ep nog een trio hoorde, dat een beetje naar een eigen plaatsje op zoek was, hoor je nu een ensemble dat behoorlijk zelfverzekerd aan het werk is en dat totaal niet bang is door te dringen tot de kern van de emoties waar ze over zingen « 

L'avenir (BE)

« Elles sont trois, jeunes et enthousiastes. De là à passer de la rue au studio, elles n’y pensaient pas trop »


Amber in ‘t Veld had the opportunity to talk about the release of SOAKED on Klara “Music Matters”.

Le Monde est un Village (BE)

LIVE| Entre musiques du monde et slam, l’univers sensible et engagé de Las Lloronas

Le Monde est un Village (BE)

« A Prayer » – Las Lloronas


Buskers: ‘Mix van muziek met onderliggende eministische toets’


Upcoming concerts

07/10/23 Muziekpublique - Release Concert (Brussels , BE)
13/10/23 l’Etable d’Hôtes (Ittre, BE)
20/10/23 MC Ath (Ath, BE)
25/10/23 Galileo Galilei (Madrid, ES)
29/10/23 Acéfala (A Coruña, ES)
10/11/23 CC Dison (Dison , BE)
02/12/23 Maison de la Culture Famenne-Ardenne (Marche-en-Famenne, BE)
09/12/23 CC Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve (Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, BE)
14/12/23 CC Wanze (Wanze, BE)
09/02/24 Le ROx (Rouvroy, BE)
10/02/24 Halle du Bouillon Blanc (Bouillon , BE)
11/02/24 CC Sablon (Morlanwelz , BE)
08/03/24 Amstelkerk (Amsterdam, NL)
09/03/24 Amare (Den Haag, NL)

Past concerts

09/07/23 PARK, festival in Abdij van Park (Heverlee, BE)
14/05/23 Château de Carrouges (Carrouges, FR)
13/05/23 Eglise de Coudehard (Coudehard, FR)
29/04/23 Espace culturel La Forge (Portets , FR)
28/04/23 Le Cube/ Théâtre Mélies (Villenave D'Ornon , FR)
27/04/23 Centre Simone Signoret (Canéjan, FR)
26/03/23 Brosella Spring Festival (Brussels, BE)
24/03/23 CC Herstal (Herstal, BE)
23/03/23 Arsonic (Mons, BE)
12/03/23 Espace Culturel Ronny-Coutteure (Grenay , FR)
08/03/23 Le Gué Centre Thérapeutique Et Culturel (Brussels , BE)
05/03/23 Le Rex (Sourdeval , France)
04/03/23 Gymnase Le Teilleul (Le Teilleul, France)
03/03/23 Espace du Bocage (La Haye Pesnel, France)
02/03/23 Salle Emile Jeanne de Saint-Lô-d'Ourville (Portbail-sur-mer, France)
01/03/23 Espace Culturel de Lessay (Lessay, France)
28/01/23 Grain de Sel (Séné, FR)
27/01/23 Le Ponton (La Possonnière, FR)
26/01/23 Le Kiosque (Mayenne , FR)
11/01/23 Le Stock (La Louvière, BE)
25/11/22 La Peniche Spectacle (Rennes , FR)
23/11/22 CC Verviers (Verviers, BE)
18/11/22 CC Sprimont (Sprimont, BE)
22/10/22 Merodefestival ( BE)
21/10/22 Café Littéraire (Bienne , CH)
20/10/22 Salle du Cercle (Bischeim, FR)
15/10/22 Château Bouc Bel Air (Bouc Bel Air , FR)
14/10/22 Centre culturel René-Char (Digne-les-Bains, FR)
08/10/22 360 Paris Music Factory (Paris , FR)
07/10/22 tba (Mainvilliers , FR)
06/10/22 EPCC Issoudun (Issoudun, FR)
01/10/22 Le Gorille (Gap, FR)
30/09/22 FORUM des Jeunes et de la Culture (Berre l'Etang , FR)
20/09/22 Franchement Festival (Bordeaux , FR)
19/09/22 El Pumarejo (Barcelona , ES)
09/09/22 Service Culture ( Saint-Rémy-de-Provence, FR)
08/09/22 Pumarejo (Barcelona, ES)
25/08/22 De Bijloke (Gent, BE)
21/08/22 Dots (Göttingen, DE)
19/08/22 Weiße Nächte Festival (Mühlheim an der Ruhr, DE)
18/08/22 Bucht der Träumer Festival (Frankfurt, DE)
29/07/22 Glatt&Verkehrt (Krems, Austria)
22/07/22 La Balise - Pays de St Gilles Croix de Vie (Saint Hilaire de Riez, FR)
20/07/22 Été Métropolitain (Parempuyre, FR)
25/06/22 Festival des 5 Continents (Martigny , CH)
22/06/22 Librairie Letu (Geneva, CH)
18/06/22 Fête de la Musique (Woluwé-Saint-Pierre, BE)
12/06/22 Chapelle de Boodael (Brussels , BE)
08/05/22 CC Alter Schlachthof (Eupen, BE)
23/04/22 Théâtre Jules Verne (Bandol, FR)
15/04/22 Handelsbeurs - Support of Meskereem Mees (Gent, BE)
12/04/22 Melkweg - Support of Alice Phoebe Lou (Amsterdam , NL)
04/04/22 Huxleys Neue Welt - Support of Bukahara (Berlin , DE)
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22/03/22 The Other Radio (Cape Town , ZA)
19/03/22 Mois de la Francophonie (Cape Town , ZA)
18/03/22 tba (Stellenbosch, ZA)
17/03/22 Mois de la Francophonie (Pretoria , ZA)
14/02/22 360 Paris Music Factory (Paris, FR)
26/01/22 Propulse (Brussels , BE )
03/12/21 Muziekpublique - Théâtre Molière (Brussels, BE)
22/10/21 La Ferme ! (Louvain-la-Neuve, BE)
16/10/21 Festival Voix de Femmes (Liège, BE)
09/10/21 Nacht van de Fair Trade (Leuven, BE)
04/10/21 Atelier 210 (Brussels )
02/10/21 Women in (e)motion Festival (Bremen, DE)
01/10/21 Women in (e)motion Festival (Bremen, DE)
19/09/21 Plan:et C Gamma (Lärz, DE)
17/09/21 Festival Le Chainon Manquant (Laval, FR)
12/09/21 CENTRALE for contemporary art (Bruxelles , BE)
11/09/21 Maison de la Création (Neder-Over-Hembeek, BE)
04/09/21 September Sessions (Hasselt, BE)
01/09/21 Propulse (Whall) (Bruxelles , BE )
22/08/21 Plan:et C Alpha (Lärz, DE)
20/08/21 Weltmuzik Fest (Eupen , BE)
19/08/21 Festival d'Art de Huy (Huy, BE)
14/08/21 Micro! Festival (Dortmund , DE)
13/08/21 Neue Arten Festival (Wir bauen Zukunft, DE)
08/08/21 Klink Festival (Dessau, DE)
07/08/21 Ancient Trance Festival (Leipzig, DE)
31/07/21 Esperanzah! Festival (Floreffe, BE)
23/07/21 Les Grignoux (Liège , BE)
21/07/21 Merodefestival (Tongerlo, BE)
17/07/21 Kaap Oostende (Oostende , BE)
15/07/21 Pianofabriek (Sint-Gilles, BE)
10/07/21 Brosella Festival (Brussels , BE)
21/06/21 Fête de la Musique (Saint-Gilles , BE)
20/06/21 Fête de la Musique (Brussels , BE)
06/06/21 Music Club 't Ey (Sint-Niklaas, BE)
28/05/21 Senghor (Etterbeek , BE)
24/05/21 Belmundo Festival (Brugge , BE )
23/05/21 Muziekpublique - Album Release (Brussels, BE)
22/05/21 Muziekpublique - Album Release (Brussels , BE)
08/02/21 Belgian World Music Network - Online (Brussels, BE)
09/11/20 Ancienne Belgique (Brussels , BE)
07/11/20 Muziekpublique - Album Release (Brussels, BE)




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