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Las Lloronas

When World music meets Slam poetry

The trio has always been inspired by a quality often present in folklore music. The quality of expressing deep-felt emotions, coming from the guts, real and raw. This gives rise to a shared experience where musicians and listeners together are soaked in a sensation that goes beyond words and talks straight to the body. This is what happens in small cafés or village squares or living rooms, where people dance and sing for each other, where passion is more important than skill, where music is catharsis and celebration at the same time and where it is consumed and shared, not as a commercial artifact, but as a basic human experience, that goes way back in time.


Their first album ‘S O A K E D’ (out on the 7th of November), combines the flesh, the seeds, the skin, lyrics and melodies that poured out of their inner landscapes, the strange, fierce, and soft corners of them. It is the fruit of more than a year of creation, soaking in fears, in sorrows and joys, speaking out their minds, taking a stance and taking space, being bold, powerful and vulnerable.

  • Amber in ‘t Veld – vocals, guitar
  • Sura Solomon – vocals, accordion, ukulele (BE/USA)
  • Marieke Werner – clarinet, vocals (DE)




Las Lloronas is a Brussels-based trio that merges world music with slam poetry. Three voices assert their intimate lyrics, they soak in harmonies and melancholic melodies. In their performance, Las Lloronas share a moment of powerful vulnerability, on the verge of lament, daydream and battle cry.

Sura Solomon (BE/USA), Amber in ‘t Veld (ES/NL) and Marieke Werner (DE) meet years earlier, sharing a passion for sociology, activism and art. This passion now translates and transforms into music. Reflecting their experiences and origins, their work merges world music and slam, giving birth to multilingual and intimate feminist poetry. Harmonies happen effortlessly, provoking a musical crush between the three voices. This is what drives them to pursue the project professionally.

Inspired by musicians such as Lhasa de Sela, Noname and Ibeyi, Las Lloronas assert their intimate lyrics, they soak in harmonies and melancholic melodies. Three voices travel through Spanish folk and Hip- Hop rhythms, Klezmer sonorities and Blues, somewhere on the edge between lament, daydream and battle cry. In their performance, voices, a clarinet, a guitar, an accordion and a ukulele share a moment of powerful vulnerability.


La Touche belge (BE)

“Las Lloronas, Trio voix, instruments pour leur Nouvel Album “SOAKED” avec Muziekpublique”

Tonart (DE)

Album review & interview on German radio Deutschlandfunk Kultur, ‘Tonart’

MDR Kultur 'Folk und Wet' (DE)

Album review & interview on German radio MDR KULTUR, ‘Folk und Welt’

Musiczine (BE)

Album review on musiczine.net

ORF 1 - Spielräume (AT)

Album review on Austrian radio ORF 1, ‘Spielräume’

Larsen (BE)

« Un projet frais et original qui suscite la réflexion. »


« Het is een afwisselend, breekbaar doch krachtig en moedig album geworden vol oprechte, voelbare emoties, maar ook één van een intense, overrompelende pracht. »


« Leur musique est hybride et défie tous les classements, sauf ceux du rêve et de l’enchantement. « 



Sura Solomon was the guest of the “Courrier Recommandé” on BX1.


« Nu, dat is gigantisch: waar je op de ep nog een trio hoorde, dat een beetje naar een eigen plaatsje op zoek was, hoor je nu een ensemble dat behoorlijk zelfverzekerd aan het werk is en dat totaal niet bang is door te dringen tot de kern van de emoties waar ze over zingen « 

L'avenir (FR)

« Elles sont trois, jeunes et enthousiastes. De là à passer de la rue au studio, elles n’y pensaient pas trop »


Amber in ‘t Veld had the opportunity to talk about the release of SOAKED on Klara “Music Matters”.

Le Monde est un Village (BE)

LIVE| Entre musiques du monde et slam, l’univers sensible et engagé de Las Lloronas

Le Monde est un Village (BE)

« A Prayer » – Las Lloronas


Buskers: ‘Mix van muziek met onderliggende eministische toets’


Upcoming concerts

06/02/21 Muziekpublique - Album Release (Brussels , BE) Reserve
07/02/21 Muziekpublique - Album Release (Brussels, BE) Reserve
08/02/21 Belgian World Music Network - Online (Brussels, BE)
28/02/21 Music Club 't Ey (Sint-Niklaas, BE)
04/03/21 La Ferme ! (Louvain-la-Neuve, BE) Reserve
31/07/21 Esperanzah! Festival (Floreffe, BE) Reserve

Past concerts

13/11/20 Les Grignoux-Album Release (Liège , BE)
09/11/20 Ancienne Belgique (Brussels , BE)
07/11/20 Muziekpublique - Album Release (Brussels, BE)




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