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Following two years of collaboration, this second album writes a new chapter in the Refugees for Refugees story.  It represents reconstruction, the fresh energy needed to map out a new trajectory after being uprooted. It includes an Indo-Pakistani raga associated with a Tibetan song, an Arabic suite incorporating a popular Hazari tune from Afghanistan, a Himalayan song with oriental percussion as well as a Tibetan mantra accompanied by Sufi Arabic and Pakistani spiritual singing.

Amina was one of the first compositions that provided anchor points between the musicians in the group.  Written by the bard Aman Yusufi, who was separated from his family in his journey, Amina represents encounters and the sharing of a new life full of hope.

Through the album Amina, the group supports Cinémaximiliaan, a platform created by and for people arriving in Belgium that aims to create links and offer opportunities in their new host country through creative projects.


  1. Perahan
  2. Semki Mölem
  3. Qad Hijaz
  4. Kesaro Sarko
  5. Punarjanm
  6. Tonshak
  7. Amina
  8. Shuq
  9. Tales of the Mountain
  10. After the dust
  11. Rose Gate
  12. Phur Rangze
  13. Wasla Qudud Bayati
  14. Lhasa
  15. Chaman Chaman



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