Membership card | Membership Renewal

Membership card

By choosing this product, you will receive your membership card with a one-year subscription included.


Membership renewal


If you have already been a member and already have a membership card (hard white plastic), then you can renew your subscription by selecting “membership renewal” and by filling in your personal ID number (M + 11 numbers) that is written on the back of your card. Your subscription will be extended for an additional 12 months and you will not need to receive a new card. If you buy a combo ticket (ticket + membership card) with the same email address as before, your membership card will also be renewed.


Advantages for members


Membership of Muziekpublique gives you access to a number of advantages. The subscription costs 10 euros per year and entitles you to a discount (between 4 and 6 euros) for each concert. The individual subscription is valid for a full year from the date of the purchase. As a member:

  • You get discounts for all paying concerts (on presentation of your membership card – membership ID number)
  • You receive the bimonthly brochure per post (if you wish to)
  • You get a personal code (membership ID number) that allows you to buy tickets online at the members’ price.


You can buy a membership card (with one-year subscription included) or renew your subscription here. It is also possible to become a member during concert nights, as well as at the ticket office of the Théâtre Molière (Tue – Fri, 10:30-13:00 and 15:00-18:00).

When you buy a new membership card online, you can either pick up your card at the Théâtre Molière (for free) during opening hours and during concert nights, or receive it per post (1,50 in Belgium).