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The Encounter of Vocal Heritage (2016)

This ambitious project brings together the most incredible vocal traditions. This amalgamation – not exactly a fusion, since each tradition is still perfectly recognisable – showcases Albanian iso-polyphony with its plangent quality, the cantu a tenore of the Sardinian countryside, Beko blues singing of southern Madagascar, Finnish yoik and rune singing and the Belgian récit chanté.

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  • Raphael De Cock  (WAL/VLA) vocals, kantele, trunfas
  • Anu Junnonen (FIN) vocals, glockenspiel
  • Talike Gellé (MAD) vocals, percussion
  • Tenore de Monte Arvu (SAR) Domenico Nanu, Ivo Deledda, Tore Deledda, Manuela Deledda et Giovanni Carta – vocals
  • Famille Gjini (ALB) Gramoz, Brihans et Ylber Gjini – vocals


  1. Rangavola
  2. Janinës
  3. Ballu Santu Razzolu
  4. Calls
  5. Läksin Minä
  6. Tjanne
  7. Hasmi
  8. Falambalea
  9. Lake Lake
  10. Ballu Seriu
  11. Drommi
  12. Wisconsin
  13. Holy Raho
  14. Xhinxhile
  15. Sneeuwwit vogelke
  16. Ngreu Moj Naze
  17. Sardigna Mia
  18. Dil moj
  19. Poijat
  20. Kur me Shkoje
  21. Minun Kultani
  22. Thëllëza
  23. Trallallera

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