Practical information


The academy of Muziekpublique offers more than 50 courses traditional music and dance. Besides the oud and balkan trumpet you can also learn flamenco guitar, saz or Brazilian percussion. All classes are given by professional musicians and dancers in different locations in Brussels. Each teacher practices his or her own pedagogical approach. Music theory is not necessary for a good part of the courses, since learning is often based on oral transmission, as in the case of many world cultures.


The registration for the courses opens the 7 of august. There are several possibilities to register:

  • Online: To register, you must first become a member. After you buy the membership card here, you’ll receive a code by email with which you can connect to the site of Muziekpublique at “My Account” (top right). Once logged in, you can register on the page of the course that interests you. Registration is validated only Muziekpublique receives the online payment.
  • At Muziekpublique (Rue des Chevaliers 4, 1050 Ixelles), Tuesday to Friday, from 10:30 to 13h and from 15h to 18h (payment in cash only).
  • At MaBo (Rue de la Braie 22, 1000 Brussels), Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays evenings from 5.30 pm to 10 pm (payment in cash only)

If you wish to register for a course when it has already started, please contact us.

Membership is required to register for a course. If you are already a member when you register, you must provide your membership number. If you are no longer a member or you have never been, you will have to become a member at the time of your registration for it to be validated.


  • 19/09/23 – 21/09/23 : Try-out classes
  • 25/09/23 – 22/12/23 : First cycle
  • 08/01/24 – 22/03/24: Second cycle
  • 25/03/24 – 20/06/24 : Third cycle
  • 15/06/24 – 16/06/24 : End of Season (student concert)

The timetable of each course is updated on its course page. Please consult it in order to know the timetable of the course that concerns you.

There are no lessons during school holidays (Flemish schools) and national holidays.


More info: by mail at (a) muziekpublique.be or by phone at 02 / 217.26.00


Check if you have the right to the Paspartoe discount (kansentarief). With this card you get a good discount on music lessons and ensembles. More about the Paspartoe-reduction.


Is it possible to hire instruments from Muziekpublique?

No. Tutors may help you to obtain (hire or buy) instruments. Please check the course descriptions for more information