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Workshop Old-Time: Violin

01 March 2022

Violin Workshop – Lorcan Fahy

Biography :

Lorcan Fahy, a hybrid and hyperactive musician, plays the violin and the mandolin, besides composing, arranging, producing and teaching Belgian-Irish music. He lives in Brussels.

Having been immersed in old-time music since early childhood, he makes a synthesis of the oral tradition with his classical training. When he teaches, he tries to highlight the best aspects of the two different approaches.

A couple of years ago, Lorcan plunged into old-time music and, along with Jérémie Fraboni, created the duo « Hills of Belgium ». He is the leader, producer, arranger and composer of the projects « Ekko Trio », « Green Moon Tribe », « Green Moon Trio », « Crom & Fahy 4tet », « TRANSAT ». He also belongs to the groups « Mamemo ‘Petit Grand !’ » (as musician and arranger), and « Laracine » (as musician, composer and arranger).


Because the fiddle (violin) is the main melodic instrument of old-time music, musicians have developed a rich and varied technique across the United States. This workshop concentrates on the different musical and instrumental developments, as well as on the specific elements of this music.

I’ll teach the melodies by ear, by reducing them phrase by phrase. Afterwards, I’ll propose several bow stroke solutions, and I’ll add certain ornaments, variations, double chords…

The repertoire will be made up of melodies played by fiddlers from different regions, in order to make you discover a panel of styles. We may, according to the tradition, change the tuning of the instruments for one piece or another. If some of you are interested, I will touch on the techniques needed to accompany a melody or a song.

Please bring along:

  • Your violin
  • An audio or video or smartphone recorder
  • A tuner (in case you need it)


You should know how to play and you should feel at ease with the basic scales in the first position (G major, D major, A major).
You should know how to use your bow in all its parts (its heel, its middle, its tip). You should feel comfortable with the basic bow techniques (the changing of the chords, the liaison, the détaché).
If you are a beginner and you wish to participate in the workshop, please don’t hesitate to call me, in order to see whether it’s possible.

10 students maximum

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