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Workshop Old-Time: Singing

23 February 2022



Léo Divary is an old-time and bluegrass musician.  She put together several musical ensembles that play gospels and vocal harmonies.  For many years, she animated the Parisian singing group « Sacred Harp ». She traveled to the United States several times, in order to learn this musical tradition from the elders.


The workshop will consist of exercises of harmonization, improvisation, as well as means to avoid vocal inhibition.  We will discuss ways to warm up, repair and take care of one’s voice.  We will examine how to set up a 4-voice gospel.

The « sacred harp » is a type of traditional gospel articulated around the singing reading technique called « shape note ».  « Shape note » is linked to the American roots form.  It is the roots form’s vocal counterpart; it evolved to become Bluegrass’  « close harmony ».

We advise you to bring along:

  • An audio / video / smartphone recorder


Open to all.

15 students maximum

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