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Workshop Old-Time: Mandolin

23 February 2022

Workshop Mandolin – Darius Lecharlier


Darius Lecharlier is a self-taught poly-instrumentalist.   He forged his mandolin experience as a consequence of the roads he followed and his musical encounters. Passionate about traditional music for many years, the practice of the mandolin led him to specialize in current old-time American and Quebecer styles.  He animates the Brussels American Roots Music Sessions and participates in several roots American ensembles, such as  Pig Society and Catfish Rebellion.


The mandolin workshop will be rooted on the practice of « fiddle tunes » (old-time instrumental pieces), which will be learned directly, by ear. Starting from these melodies, we will see the tricks and devices we can use to dress them up, ornament them, have fun with them and discover the old-time groove.  In other words, we will examine different ways to phrase them in terms of melody and rhythm. We will also spend some time learning the necessary chord grids and positions, as well as the multiple accompaniment possibilities, all part of the right hand technique.
We will examine the notion of chord degrees, the universal language and an essential tool to be able to accompany melodies, especially during jam sessions.

Please bring along:

a mandolin
  • An audio or video or smartphone recorder
  • Some way to take notes
  • A tuner
  • One or several plectrums


A basic knowledge of the instrument:  you must know the 5-6 basic chords.  You must have already played a couple of melodies on a mandolin.  Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me if you have any questions about this.

10 students maximum

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