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Video clips of the artists of the ‘Matonge Sounds’ project

Fabrice Mukuna - Kaito Winse - Zouratié Koné Ensemble - Ange Nawasadio
20 October 2020

At the beginning of January 2020 Muziekpublique was looking for musical talent for “Matonge Sounds”.  With this project, we wanted to invest in local groups and musicians, give them a chance to grow and show their talent to a wide audience.  An external jury selected the four projects that were supervised for several months: professional promotion with photos, audio and a live video recording.  Check out the results of this project here and share these videos if you like them as much as we do!


Kaito Winse

Kaito Winse is a Burkina Faso griot, who transmits part of his heritage. Kaito sings and plays different traditional instruments, such as flutes, the arc bow, the tama, the calabash … not to mention his extensive knowledge of traditional dances of the Samo and Mossi population. Kaito is one of the artists who were selected for the Matonge Sounds accompanying trajectories. Banga is one of the songs on his album “Kaladounia” (“Here the World”).

Fabrice Mukuna Band

The band, which was originally composed of 5 musicians now grown to 9 including the brass section. Together they play Fabrice’s compositions: afrojazz, jazz fusion, funk, latino, rumba… Fabrice, of Congolese origin, is a songwriter, composer, saxophonist, singer, percussionist and gospel choir leader. They have just released their first EP; called Bokoko Africa.

ZKE ! Zouratié Koné Ensemble

The ZKE! Zouratié Koné Ensemble, under the sign of Afro Jazz Mandingo, reflects the story and personality of the Griot Zouratié Koné, from Burkina Faso, leader of the group, master percussionist, singer-songwriter and maker of musical instruments. The work of composition performed by the Burkinabe Zouratié Koné is based on the use of traditional African rhythms and harmonies as a guide to artistic expression for all the instruments that accompany it (wind, bass guitar, drums and percussion). He has adapted dozens of African rhythms and fashions to compose the instrumental pieces of the project, with particular attention given to groove and harmonization, thus achieving a very successful transcontinental fusion. The result is a free music, full of communicative and joyful energy, both insolent and respectful of tradition that brings the African rhythms and harmonies closer to the jazz tradition. His album ‘Wati’ is available on all streaming platforms.


Ange Nawasadio

Ange is known in the musical Mantonge scene. Singer, musician and composer of Congolese origin, he has released titles such as ‘Congo mon amour’ and ‘Mboka’. His songs speak about the situation of the Congolese people, their suffering and their hope


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