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SOLD OUT - Hide & Seek Bike Tour: Serenade Ensemble (Tur/Gr) | Griff Trio (BE) | Oscar Beerten (BE) - Departure at 2:30pm

Hide and Seek Festival 2020
Sunday 23 August 2020 - 14h30
The Erasmus House - Rue de Formanoir, 31 -1070 Anderlecht
SUN 23/08

Departure at 2:30pm

Anderlecht is a wonderful source of hidden and extraordinary places! To let you discover them, this year we are organising a grand musical bike tour. On your bike and follow the route: we have planned 3 small concerts in 3 magnificent locations: the Luizenmolen windmill, the sumptuous garden of the Erasmus House, and the training hall of the College of Circus Arts!

During your stops, you will discover three groups for three different ambiances:

To start with, the young folk violinist Oscar Beerten. A graduated in 2019 of the Malmö Academy of Music, Oscar Beerten has played in many different Scandinavian locations: Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Faroe Islands and Estonia. This young musician has a deep-rooted soul and is also an improvisation pro. He will play folk tunes for you from Northern and Eastern Europe in the beautiful garden of the Erasmus House, accompanied by his violin, his guitar and his hardanger violin.

On the way to the second location you will leave the city and travel via a green and hilly Anderlecht to the Luizenmolen windmill. There you will be welcomed by its miller, and the Griff bagpipe trio will play at its foot.  It is one of the last mills in operation in Belgium, and can be turned according to the wind. With the motto “Pipes but no kilt”, the Griff trio has been working for more than 10 years to create a new sound universe around the bagpipes and traditional music.

The Ecole Supérieure des Arts du Cirque (ESAC, High School of Circus Art) is the only body that offers official training in the field. Rising on the side of the canal, the ESAC is made up of modern, concrete spaces. But it is in a former boiler room, perfectly adapted to the many disciplines for which the students are prepared and trained, that we will settle down for this last concert. Height and light, raise your eyes and imagine the circus artistes flying through the air as the Serenade Ensemble leads you to the Aegean Sea, plunging deep on both sides to bring back the best of Turkish and Greek culture. These two cultures share songs, dances, images and emotions here in a dynamic and breathtaking set.

So meet us on your bike at the Erasmus House at your chosen departure time. We will let you know the itinerary to follow from there on!

Oscar Beerten: Folk violin

Griff trio
Rémi Decker: bagpipes, whistles, vocals
Liesbet Marivoet: bagpipes, whistles, vocals
Raphaël De Cock: uilleann pipes, whistles, vocals
Serenade Ensemble
Duygu Alkan: Voice
Vanessa Kourtesi: voice
Dimitra Metzaki: oud
Burak Savas: violin, voice
Duration of the activity: 3 hours
Number of km : 12 km

Muziekpublique does not provide bicycles for the activity.

There are three departures: at 1, 2:30 and 4 pm. Make sure to buy a ticket at the same time as the members of your “bubble”.

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