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Covid Safe Ticket from 8 October

For all cultural activities in Brussels
30 August 2021

Update 25/09/2021


The Brussels government is making the Covid Safe Ticket compulsory for all cultural activities.
What does that mean for your visit to Muziekpublique? From 8 October onwards you’ll be back in the Molière theatre without a mouth mask and without social distancing. But with a Covid Safe Ticket.

Read below the procedure you have to follow to get access. Thank you for your trust and understanding.





  • Wearing a mask is mandatory from age 12 on within the theatre walls, as well as during the entire concert.
  • We have established a route in order to help you keep the 1,5 m distance between the bubbles at all times.
  • The concerts take place without any breaks and the bar will remain closed.
  • The public is limited to a maximum of 250 people, with an empty seat between the bubbles. We have the right to occupy almost all theatre rows, with some exceptions. Our volunteers will help to seat you.
  • The ventilation system in the theatre assures the entrance of fresh outside air all the time. We also constantly oversee the CO2 air level.
  • We strongly advise you to buy your tickets beforehand for the concert(s) you wish to attend.




We will ask you to show it to us at the theatre entrance. Applying the Covid Safe Ticket allows us, for some concerts, to fill the theatre up to capacity. The public will no longer have to apply the distancing measures, and the use of the mask will not be mandatory during the entire concert. On these occasions, the bar will also be open.

For these concerts, labeled “Covid Safe Ticket”, we will ask you to show us, at the theatre entrance:

  • Your concert theatre ticket  
  • The Covid Safe Ticket (see below)
  • An ID


In order to obtain your Covid Safe Ticket, you must fulfill one of the following conditions:

  • Have a valid vaccination certificate (dated more than 14 days before the concert)
  • Have taken a PCR test, with a negative result, less than 48 hours before the concert. Get tested in an official Testing center (info-coronavirus.be).
  • Present proof of an antigenic test taken in a pharmacy, or in a testing center, with a negative result, less than 24 hours before the concert.
  • Show a certificate that you have been cured of Covid 19. The validity of this kind of certificate starts 10 days after the first positive PCR test and lasts for 180 days after the date of the first PCR test.


 Watch out: antigenic or other self-tests do not give you access to the Covid Safe Ticket. They are not considered valid tests by the authorities in charge of the Covid Safe Ticket.

You can obtain your Covid Safe Ticket via an official application, which you can download on your cell phone, at covidsafe.be.  Make sure your Covid Safe application is up to date before arriving at the festival or concert entrance.

 If you have been totally vaccinated you can also obtain the Covid Safe Ticket via the competent authorities. They can furnish you with a Covid Safe Ticket you can print out. Or you can ask them to send you a Covid Safe Ticket through the postal service.

 If you don’t have the possibility of using internet, call the automatic service, which is available every day, 24 hours a day. Dial « 1 », enter your National Registry NISS ID number, and you will receive the certificate, through the postal service, at your official address. The call center number in Brussels is 02/214.19.19. In Wallonia, it’s 071 31 34 93. In Flanders, it’s 078 78 78 50. For the German-speaking Community, it’s 0800 23 0 32.

Or else, obtain and print out your Covid certificate from the Masanté website (masante.belgique.be). Select the tab « Données de santé », click on« Mon certificat numérique européen COVID ». If you were vaccinated with a vaccine that has two doses, make sure you print out the certificate concerning the second vaccine dose. On this website, you can also find and print out the certificate that you have been cured of Covid 19.

► Children under 12 years old don’t need a Covid Safe Ticket.

► We would like to ask for your understanding concerning these new measures, which we have not chosen. We’re doing our best to find a feasible balance between the access to all our activities, the need for sanitary security and the economic reality of a cultural association. Also, please be so kind as to remember that, in our establishment, you are welcomed by volunteers. Please be indulgent with them at the entrance of our concerts. For any questions, or the need of information, contact info@muziekpublique.be


Thank you for your cooperation. We are very happy to see you back in our theatre.

We reserve the right to modify these conditions, in accordance with the most recent Covid directives. We strongly advise you to consult this page regularly, in order to remain up to date.

For more information about the COVID-19 virus and prevention measures, consult www.info-coronavirus.be.