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SOLD OUT - Karim Baggili Trio (Be/Jor/Yo) @ Émaillerie Belge - Concert at 8:30pm

Hide and Seek Festival 2020
Wednesday 26 August 2020 - 20h30
Émaillerie Belge - The entrance is in front if the number 101 at Boulevard de la Deuxième Armée Britannique - Forest
WED 26/08

Concert at 8:30pm

You can’t miss the big factory building in Forest where the beautiful craft of enamel is still manufactured and where you can contemplate some of the most beautiful examples on the walls. These colourful metal plaques are cooked by a very sustainable process at a temperature of 800°C. In the past not a single pub was missing their enamel illustrations. Today, the enamel craft is seeking and finding its new path towards other fields, such as architecture, and keeps innovating and exploring new possibilities, thanks to a devoted dynamic team.

In this very singular decorum, typical of Brussels, we invited the oud-player, singer-songwriter and guitarist Karim Baggili to come with his trio to share his music, which is as timeless as the location of the concert. Rich with his Jordan and Yugoslavic roots, the musical universe of the Belgian artist Karim Baggili is unique. It confidently mixes groove, electro-rock and classical music. Only Karim Baggili can invent and present “Arabic underground Flamenco music” elegantly and in style. Oud, guitar, soft or strong vocals, arabo-andalusic scales… For a music that is beautiful to listen to and thrilling to play.

Karim Baggili: guitar, oud, vocals
Youri Nanal: Bass
Vivian Ladrière: drums and percussions

There will be two shows: one at 6.30pm and one at 8.30pm, please buy tickets together with your “bubble” for the same slot.

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Emaillerie photo: Michel Figuet
Karim Baggili photo: Paul-François Gay

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