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Osman Martins, Brazilian music

Tuesday 12 March 2019 - 12h30
PointCulture ULB Ixelles - Campus Solbosch, Avenue Paul Héger, 1000 Bruxelles
TUE 12/03

Muziekpublique and PointCulture ULB are happy to invite you to a voyage into Brazilian music.

Osman Martins was born in Bahia State, in Brazil, and moved to São Paulo, where he first discovered music. On his 10th birthday he was given a « cavaquinho » (an instrument of Portuguese origin, in the guitar family) and was immediately enchanted by it. A little later, he studied with the Maestro Robinson Miguel, a famous Brazilian guitarist.  One day, he listened to Irio de Paula, the ex-guitarist of Elza Soares, and he fell in love with the guitar.  He decided to devote himself to this instrument and to explore its new harmonic and melodic horizons, which gave an extra dimension to playing the cavaquinho. As well as the cavaquinho, the guitar, composition and percussion, he took up singing and decided to take lessons, and was immediately taken by this new vocation as a singer.  Osman Martins now lives in Brussels and is one of the most interesting Brazilian musicians in the country, together with groups such as Parceria, Samba Candeia…

In Belgium, Osman has appeared in all the big venues (Molière, Marni, Couleur Café, Esperanzah, Le Monde est un Village…) and has worked with well-known artistes (Toots Thielemans, Pierre Gillet, Maxime Blésin, Steve Houben, Renato Martins, Matt Bianco, Bai Kamara Jr…).  Osman Martins isn’t just a musician, he also teaches the cavaquinho and directs the ensemble choro & samba at the Muziekpublique Academy.


The Muziek•Culture project includes a series of free concerts which concentrate on a particular instrument or group of instruments, their country and their culture. Each meeting is an invitation to a voyage of discovery and adventure, situated in the friendly ambience of the heart of the Solbosch campus.

An initiative of Muziekpublique and PointCulture ULB Ixelles.

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