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Kurupíes duo + film « Sigo Siendo »

Sonamos Latinoamerica festival
Monday 24 September 2018 - 20h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
MON 24/09

The Sonomos  Latinoamerica Festival is back, for its 4th consecutive year, with a beautiful program that unfolds and highlights the musical richness of the bubbling Latin American continent.


Oscar Gomitolo, a grand charango player and the founder of the Sonamos Latinoamerica Festival in Latin America, proposes, with the Kurupies Duo, a limpid and delicate form of re-appropriation of the Latin American musical genres, which he knows well.  Accompanied by the subtle and precise percussions of Carlos Passeggi, the duo present, mainly, original compositions. From them emanate, in a very special mixture, pre-Colombian vestiges and expressions, as well the rhythmic and esthetic presence of the continent’s folkloric music.  Their work approaches, by its dynamic and its form, the style of European chamber music or jazz.


After the concert there will be a screening of Javier Corcuera’s film Sigo SiendoSiego Siendo is a spellbinding voyage into the heart of the Peruvian musical landscape. Ranging from the Quechua songs, inherited from the Incas, to the devilish Afro-Cuban rhythms, Sigo Siendo sketches a vibrant sound portrait of the country, through the dreams and the lives of its musicians.  Magnificent!

  • Oscar Gomitolo: charango
  • Carlos Passeggi: percussion


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