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Reductions for music lessons

Paspartoe at a reduced price
17 April 2018

Are you in possession of a valid reduced price Paspartoe card, which allows you to participate in cultural events for a cheaper price?  In that case, you only pay 23% of the total price of our music and ensemble lessons.  Read the instructions carefully in order to receive this special Paspartoe advantage pass.

You can obtain a reduced price Paspartoe card (not to be mistaken with a regular Paspartoe card) at the Vlaamse Gemeenschapscommissie (Emile Jacqmainlaan 135), at the Muntpunt (Munt 6), at all Flemish cultural centers in Brussels, and at the Brussels Ouderenplatform if you take along the following documents:

  1. Your electronic ID
  2. and one of the following documents:

– A certificate or a label (vignette) of your health insurance organization attesting your right to a higher intervention (previously called the “omnio” statute)

– A recommendation voucher from an organization which is recognized by the Flemish Community Commission

Do you need more information?  Send a mail to info@paspartoebrussel.be or call 02 278 11 11.  More information in Flemish:  More Information

In order to obtain the reduced price for music lessons, present yourself, with your reduced price Paspartoe, at  Muziekpublique (in the Molière Theatre) during office hours or at the MABO (Moutstraat 22) between 5:30 pm and 10 pm on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.  


Do you live in Brussels?  Ask for your Paspartoe!

Paspartoe is a savings and advantage pass with which you save points whenever you participate in leisure activities with Paspartoe partners.  You can exchange the points for fine advantages.  Muziekpublique is also a Paspartoe partner:  earn a Paspartoe point every time you attend one of our activities!

Paspartoe wishes to involve everyone in the leisure time offers in Brussels.  Which is why people with a limited income can ask for a free reduced price Paspartoe.  With the reduced price Paspartoe they can participate in activities at a much lower price.  Along with your Paspartoe you receive a welcome package and a voucher for a cultural activity; your Paspartoe also digitally contains various savings.  You can thus, with your Paspartoe, not only attend the Muziekpublique concerts which cost less than 16¤ for 2¤, there are also big savings on the music lessons.

You’ll find all information about Paspartoe and reduced price Paspartoe here.