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Start second cycle of music lessons

Music academy and coronavirus
15 December 2020
GOOd news: from january on, some courses will be taught with max. 4 students per class. More info here or through your teacher.

In January, the second cycle of music lessons and ensembles will start in our academy! Due to the current health situation, the cycle will look a bit different than normal for some courses. Discover here the overview of the courses that will:

  • Start the second cycle in January
  • Continue lessons from the first cycle in Januari
  • Be put on hold for the time being

Start second cycle in January 


The second cycle of classes starts after the Christmas holidays for the following courses. Sign up before 4/01/2021 and pay 10 euros less. 

Overview courses

  • American Roots String Ensemble – Jérémie Fraboni & Lorcan Fahy
  • Balafon – Mady Kouyaté
  • Banjo clawhammer – Jérémie Fraboni
  • Bendir (Oriental frame drums) – Robbe Kieckens
  • Bombo (Argentine percussion) – Patricia Hernandez
  • Brazilian guitar – Osman Martins
  • Brazilian percussion – Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles
  • Calabash – Octave Komlan
  • Cajón afroeuropeo – Osvaldo Hernandez Napoles
  • Cavaquihno – Osman Martins
  • Chromatic accordion – Aurel Budistenau
  • Diatonic accordion – Anne Niepold
  • Diatonic harmonica – Olivier Vander Bauwede
  • Duduk – Vardan Hovanissian
  • East-West Ensemble – Jonas Malfliet & Shalan Alhamwy
  • Flamenco guitar – Antonio Segura
  • Flamenco singing – Antonio Paz
  • Folkball Ensemble – Jonas Malfliet & Rebecca Van Bogaert
  • Frame drums from Southern Italy – Emmanuela Lodeto
  • Galician percussion: pandeireta & tambor – Karen De Pooter
  • Gaita (Galician bagpipes) – Raphaël De Cock
  • Hurdy-gurdy – Harald Bauweraerts
  • Irish flute – Raphaël De Cock
  • Kora (West-African harp) – Mamadou Drame
  • Latin-American Songs – Constanza Guzmán
  • Mandoline – Lorcan Fahy
  • Middle Eastern violin – Shalan Alhamwy
  • Ney (Arabic flute) – Tammam Alramadan
  • Rythm in the voice – Vincent Noiret
  • Swing manouche ensemble – Renaud Dardenne
  • Tango Ensemble – Ananta Roosens
  • Turkish Ensemble – Tristan Driessens
  • Turkish music for beginners – Damla Aydin
  • Trad violin – Aurélie Dorzée
  • Oud (Oriental lute) – Elias Bachoura
  • West-African guitar – Mady Kouyaté

continuing first cycle in january 


You do not have to sign-up yet for the second cycle. Only when the first cycle is finished, you have to sign up for the next one. The teacher will inform you about this.

Overview courses

  • Balkan Music Orchestra – Nicolas Hauzeur
  • Boleadoras – Patricia Hernandez
  • Choro & Samba Ensemble – Osman Martins
  • Darbuka (Oriental percussion) – Simon Leleux
  • Diatonic accordion – Simon Gielen
  • Flamenco singing – Antonio Paz
  • Overtone and throat singing – Raphaël De Cock

On hold 


These courses are put on hold, when it is possible to resume classes the first cycle will be continued. You do not have to sign-up until all classes of the first cycle are given. 

Overview courses

  • Accordion Ensemble – Piet Maris
  • Argentine tango (dance) – Dante & Monika Dominguez
  • Congolese dancing – Tister Ikomo
  • Flamenco (dance) – Coral Vados
  • Folkdance – Frisse Folk
  • Italian singing – Morena Brindisi
  • Middle Eastern choir & Music theory – Elias Bachoura

Covid-19: Measures during music- and dance classes 

We are happy that most classes can restart after the Christmas holidays and we can’t wait to make music together again! Of course this will be done with the necessary safety measures. Discover all measures and info here.


Do not hesitate to contact us again should you have any questions. Send an email to cursus@muziekpublique.be or call +32 (0)2 217.26.00.