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SOAKED by Las Lloronas in the Charts!

04 January 2021

Ranked 5 th at the World Music Charts Europe in January and 40 th at the Transglobal World Music Charts, this new year starts very well for Las Lloronas. A ranking amply deserved for this album as powerful and audacious as honest and vulnerable.

If your path has not yet crossed that of the musicians of Las Lloronas, here is “Prayer”, a track from their album “SOAKED” released at the beginning of November by Muziekpublique. The song is based on an ancient Jewish prayer, one of the only ones which has been transcending all the different Jewish communities around the globe. It’s been often sung for children before putting them to bed, as a prayer for protection. The lyrics invoke the different angels and calls for the support of Shehinat’El, the so-called feminine name of God.dess.

In the original prayer, it is Isra’El invoked each time, not Isma’El, however in order to be more transculturally and politically inclusive, the musicians of Las Lloroans chose to invoke both Isma’El and Isra’El in their version of the prayer.
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