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Er wordt over Zwerver gesproken in de pers!

18 januari 2023

“ZWERVER”, het eerste album van Toasaves, kwam uit in november 2022. Er werd al druk over het album gesproken in de pers over de hele wereld!

« This album should already be on the list of the best albums of this year. » (13/01/22, Musikglobal)

« Toasaves excels in sublime instrument control, coherent performances and vigorous ensemble playing. » (11/01/23, Musicframes)

« As to how to connect (musical) worlds, this ensemble clearly has what it takes! » (08/01/23, Newfolksounds)

« Pleasant surprise from Belgian music collective » (28/12/22, Keysandchords)

« I know that nowadays it is fashionable to be cosmopolitan and to combine the cultures of different landscapes, but only a few manage to realize all this with such inspiration as the Toasaves band » (23/12/22, Ekultura)

« A truly timeless and boundless beauty » (20/12/22, Subjectivisten)

On the radio and podcasts

In Belgium : Radio 1  / Radio Panik

In Germany : HR2

In Czech Republic : Proglas

In Slovenia : PRVI

In Spain : Demésenllà (from 97:00)

In Australia : 3BBR