Living Room Music Festival 2022

Edition @ Matonge
Sunday 8 May 2022


Welcome to the Matonge neighbourhood in Ixelles, where the Living Room Music Festival will take you on this year for a new edition near the Molière theatre!
On Sunday 8 May, 10 residents will open the doors of their living rooms to host a concert of traditional music from all over the world and make the neighbourhood vibrate. For one afternoon, come and discover musicians from different horizons and meet your neighbours, the spectators and the volunteers present at the festival.

How does it work? Choose 3 concerts among the 10 proposed. Each group plays 3 concerts of 30 minutes each, with 30 minutes between them during which the audience moves from one living room to another. Check out the program below, and make your choice of 3 concerts! Be daring, it’s not every day that you can make a musical journey between the 5 continents in such a small spaces! The distances between the house are always manageable on foot or by bike, in maximum 10 minutes.

On the day of the festival: With your ticket (on your smartphone or on paper), go directly to the address of the inhabitant of the first concert you have chosen. The special thing about the area is that all the houses are very close to each other and especially to the Molière theatre! If you have time, are lost or just want to say hello, the Molière Theatre will be the central info point for any questions. We will be open and accessible for a drink, a nice conversation and a bathroom break. Enjoy the festival.

Checkpoint and sale of individual tickets: LA MAISON AFRICAINE (open from 12 noon on Sunday 08/05). Are you looking for last minute information, remaining tickets, a plan or do you want a sanitary stop? Then come to our central meeting place! Address: Rue Elzas-Lorraine 33, 1050 Brussels

There are still a few individual tickets on sale at the checkpoint as long as there is stock for:

– Elias Bachoura & Noman Hanna @ Serge (2 p.m. and 4 p.m.)
– Asad Qizilbash & Carlo Strazzante @ Hur (2:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m.)
– Hella @ Charlotte (4 p.m.)
– Aren Dolma & Tarek Al Sayed @ Philippe: Rue de la Concorde 24 (4 p.m.)
– Monik Tenday @Julie: Rue de Naples 21 (4 p.m.)
– Duo Las Lloronas @Anaid: Rue de Longue 34 (4 p.m.)

An initiative of Muziekpublique within the framework of MatonGray, with the support of the municipality of Ixelles, the Alderman for Urban Renewal, Neighbourhood Contracts and Social Integration Nevruz Unal, the College of Burgomasters and Aldermen and the Communal Council of the municipality of Ixelles, the Flemish Community Commission, the Flemish Community and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.

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1. Israel Alonso Trio (Mexico) @ Marie
2. Elias Bachoura & Noman Hanna @ Serge's
3. Trio Indigo @ Aki's
4. Adrian Receanu trio @ Lisbeth's
5. Asad Qizilbash & Carlo Strazzante @ Hur's
6. Hella @ Charlotte's
7. Aren Dolma & Norbu Tsering (Tibet) @ Oscar's
8. Mostafa Taleb (Iran) @ Sigrid & Jean-François'
9. Monik Tenday (DR Congo) @ Julie's
10. Las Lloronas duo @ Anaïd's

Reservations for the Living Room Music Festival are highly recommended due to the small amount of tickets available.

A ticket for the festival costs 12€ (or 10€ for Muziekpublique members), and gives you access to 3 concerts of your choice.

Choose the type of ticket you want, and the amount for each of them. (member or non-member).
Then, select your 3 concerts, at compatible hours ! (if a concert is not available in the list, it means it is already sold out)
Follow the instructions to the checkout page in order to complete and pay your reservation.

We accept paspartoe & article 27 reductions, but you need to pass by our ticket office in order to book with those reductions. (Opening hours on contact page here)

Choose your selection of 3 concerts :