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SOLD OUT - Mehehe (Pol) | Ange Nawasadio (DRC) @Laeken Cemetery - Group 2

Hide & Seek 2020
Thursday 27 August 2020 - 20h00
Laeken Cemetery - Parvis Notre Dame, 1020 Bruxelles
THU 27/08

Group 2

Let’s walk through the cemetery… in the darkness of night! The most beautiful cemetery in Brussels is full of secrets, romantic details and priceless artwork! During this special evening, you will be taken from one end of the cemetery to the other, from the remains of the choir of its chapel to the funeral gallery hidden under the graves, to discover two musical universes full of magic, tradition and mysticism.

Mehehe is a profoundly intriguing duo that explores the musical traditions linked to the folk magic of Poland. Like modern witches, they draw on Polish musical tradition to extract a typically shamanic music made of enchantments and mantras, whispers and drums, violins and ancient harps. This culture of magic is rooted in the mysterious force of nature, unintelligible, terrifying and enormous, which was once a source of inspiration to create cults, spells and protective ways. Today this culture is becoming an incredible inspiration for musical discoveries, which Mehehe seizes upon to tell the story of how music was used to heal, to communicate with the afterlife or to cast spells. They beautifully recreate the panoply of sounds and atmospheres of these ancestral worlds and traditions.

Ange Nawasadio is a singer, arranger, composer and actor. A specialist in African and Congolese voices and songs, Ange has prepared a very special set for you, all vocals, which will connect Africa and the United States, in search of the legends and incantations that populate African-American and African music. A wandering poet of modern times, Ange Nawasadio will perform the first chapter, “Aniota”, of a future show that will continue the journey in the form of an anthology by way of the History of these songs. This chapter, in reference to the leopard men who fascinate and evoke multiple images, will guide us to the origins of the African songs he has chosen. Ange will try to unravel legends, spiritual songs and parts of History in his own way, accompanied by the two splendid voices of Sylvie Nawasadio and François Makanga.

Basia Songin: wolf bass, kankles, jaw harp, tines, whispers, enchantments, vocals
Helena Matuszewska: zlobcoki violin, kashgar, tines, loop station, whispers, enchantments, vocals

Ange Nawasadio: vocals, guitar, arrangements
Sylvie Nawasadio: vocals, small percussions
François Makanga: vocals

For this concert, the audience will be divided into two groups, so please make sure you buy your ticket at the same time as the members of your “bubble”, as you will not be able to swap afterwards.

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In collaboration with the city of Brussels and the Adam Mickiewicz Institute
Photo Cemetery: Brussels is Yours – Christophe Vanderborght 

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