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SOLD OUT - Bal & Basta!

Viorel (Belgium), Bargainatt (France)
Saturday 29 April 2023 - 16h00
Pianofabriek - Rue du Fort 35, 1060 Bruxelles (St Gilles)
SAT 29/04

Your Sunday folk bal Bal & Basta, is back in 2023 with the most exquisite programming.


Viorel brings together two of the staples from the Belgian folk dance scene. Bargainatt is another on from the French side. Fond of folk bals, Viorel delivers music dedicated to dancing, performed by Flanders folk musician Hartwin Dhoore on diatonic accordion and Jeroen Geerinck on acoustic guitar. After touring Europe as solo artists for several years, they are on board to a new phase of their musical journey with Viorel.



– Hartwin Dhoore: accordion

– Jeroen Geerinck: acoustic guitar


Modern and authentic music, combining personal compositions and traditional melodies: this is Bargainatt’s trademark! The musicians draw their inspiration from the dances of France’s different regions dear to their hearts: Auvergne, Poitou, Gascony, Brittany… By doing so, they preserve the passsing of tradition while offering a lively and energetic sound.




– Camille Stimbre: violin, vocals

– Youmi Bazoge: violin, vocals

– Léon Ollivier: diatonic accordion, vocals

– Noé Bazoge: cello, vocals

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