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Trio Pletenitsa (BE/BG/NL) | Hands in Motion (BE)

cd-release Dawn
Friday 21 January 2022 - 20h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
FRI 21/01

Hands in Motion: three words to describe three virtuosi of percussion. Thanks to their mastery of a multitude of instruments, Simon Leleux, Robbe Kieckens and Celestin Massot present a musical offering that pushes back the frontiers and blurs enormously the borderlines between different genres.

Driven by a shared passion for the rhythms of all kinds of traditional music, they have each nonetheless received very different musical training. The group has turned these differences into a strength and the beauty of their project lies in the variety of the instruments and influences of which it is made up.

Creators of an original, even unique kind of music, the members of Hands in Motion make each type of percussion the central element. Thus kalimbas, pandeiros, darbukas, or further still, gongs, berimbaus, riqq, doholla, bendirs and udu are put in the spotlight thanks to contemporary tunes that break free from any codes… There are so many things that make up the’album Dawn, which they will come and launch at the Molière! The trio’s performance is based on improvization of the highest quality and turns everything that they present into a parenthesis mixing ardour, sensitivity and warmth.

The evening starts off with the Trio Pletenitsa and their unaccompanied folksongs from the Balkans. With a musical style characterized by diaphony and dissonance, Gergana Velikova (BG), Jolien Gebruers (BE) and Sophia Keck (NL) will seduce us thanks merely to their vocal chords. Pletenitsa, which means “entanglement” in Bulgarian, emphasizes the profundity of the venture and, like the siren’s song that once led sailors to perdition at sea, the trio’s voices will lead their audience to set out on a voyage.

  • Gergana Velikova: vocals
  • Jolien Gebruers: vocals
  • Sophia Keck: vocals

Hands in Motion:

  • Simon Leleux: darbuka
  • Robbe Kieckens: bendir
  • Celestin Massot: percussion

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