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SOLD OUT - Maria Mazzotta Duo (South Italy) @ Laundry Factory CPAS - Concert at 6:30pm

Hide and Seek Festival 2020
Saturday 29 August 2020 - 18h30
Usine du linge CPAS - Rue du Cerf 375 1070 Bruxelles
SAT 29/08

Concert at 6:30pm

At the height of the Corona virus, some five tons of laundry were washed here every day! Huge washing machines, dryers, cranes, hoists and ironing machines doing laundry on an industrial scale. This enormous laundryworks is a veritable anthill. But on Saturdays calm returns and we are taking advantage of this to organize a concert there. In this shrine to bodily care and hygiene, we have decided to give pride of place to music from the Mediterranean – since it is also reputed to care for the body and the mind, just this once it will replace the music of the steaming machines.

How happy we are to invite Maria Mazzotta once again! This incredible artiste and singer interprets with the deepest respect and irresistible emotion the songs of various cultures from around the Mediterranean basin. Her creativity had already led her to work with a number of artistes, including Redi Hasa and the renowned Canzoniere Grecanico Salentino. These days she is accompanied by the young and talented accordionist from Madagascar, Bruno Galeone. Their highly successful new album, Amoreamaro, represents an intense and passionate reflection on the different faces of love, starting from a modern feminine, but somehow timeless, point of view. The songs, some previously unpublished, others taken from traditional repertoires, fearlessly run the gamut of all the emotions that the feeling of love can arouse, finding in song, in keeping with popular tradition, catharsis, consolation, strength and caring. Guaranteed to send shivers down your spine!!

Maria Mazzotta: vocals
Bruno Galeone: accordion

This concert will have two sessions: at 6:30pm and at 8:30pm: please take care to buy a ticket for the same starting time as the other members of your “bubble”.

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