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All concerts and music and dance lessons cancelled until 3 april

World Music and Dance Academy, BalKaniC Jam Session, Bal & Basta!, Mari Kalkun | Las Lloronas, Queimada...
12 March 2020

After analysing of our future events and in the spirit of civic responsibility, we have decided to cancel the activities where we believe there is too high a risk of spreading the coronavirus. Today’s Balkanic Jam Session (Thursday 12 March) will be postponed, the date still to be confirmed.

The folk balls Bal & Basta! (Sunday 15 March) and Queimada (Saturday 21 March) will also be cancelled because it is impossible to achieve the desired ‘social distancing’ at these events. In consultation with the artists, we decided to also postpone tomorrow’s concert (Friday 13 March) with Mari Kalkun | Las Lloronas to a later date.

Update 12/03, 10:00 pm: All other concerts and music and dance lessons are also cancelled until april 3.

Overview of cancelled concerts

We have every sympathy for the disappointment this undoubtedly causes the audience. The cancellations have a major emotional and financial impact on both the artists and the organizers who are faced with numerous cancellations. We are therefore making a warm appeal for solidarity and invite you not to ask for a refund so that we can partially cover the costs incurred and current and future loss of income. If you choose to be reimbursed, fully or partially, we will of course respect that.

Thank you for your understanding,
The team and the Board of Directors of Muziekpublique