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The cultstatus of our label !

02 April 2019

One of the musicians of our label with Damon Albarn and Rokia Traoré, the Nikon Press Awards for our group photographer, the Charles Cros « coup de coeur » (favorites) prize for an album by our musicians, all that in just a few days?! Yes indeed! A fair wind of success fills the sails of the artists with whom we work, and we are delighted to see their marvelous work rewarded!

Bao Sissoko in concert with Damon Albarn, Rokia Traoré, Dobet Gnahoré

A few days ago Bao Sissoko travelled to London to rejoin his companions in the Africa Express project, of which he has been a member since it began, supported by Damon Albarn since 2006.


Nikon Press Awards for Dieter Telemans

The annual Nikon Press Photo Awards recognize the most beautiful or the most original press photos by Belgian photographers.  The big winners this year are Dieter Telemans (current affairs category), Kristof Vadino (narrative category) and Kristof Ramon (sport category).

Dieter Telemans has been the faithful photographer of the groups of our label for many years. He won his prize with a photo of a demo by the « gilets jaunes » (yellow jackets) in Brussels. « Everything is in place », declared the jury. He took the photo for De Standaard. Congratulations Dieter!

World Music ‘Coup de coeur’ of the Académie Charles Cros for Tristan Driessens

Tristan Driessens, artistic director of Refugees for Refugees, has recently issued a duo album with Robbe Kieckens,  the lovely work  ‘Blue Silence‘ (Homerecords label) which has just won the world music « coup de coeur « (favourites) award of the Charles Cros Academy.

Well done!