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Visit our Living Museum of Dying Music

19 February 2021

On Saturday, February 20, World Social Justice Day, you will see cultural actions popping up all over the country. Wherever society continues to run despite the strict restrictions on freedom, culture is being done! In solidarity with all people and sectors affected by the epidemic and / or its approach. As a plea for a corona approach that takes into account social, psychosocial and economic risks, rights and freedoms.

Muziekpublique takes part. We are transforming our hall into The Living Museum of Dying Music! We are converting our concert hall into a museum for one day, where visitors can visit an exhibition of living musicians. A disappearing piece of cultural heritage can be seen at work for one more time.

Reservations for the museum are no longer possible, but we promise anyone who could not get a ticket a video report about our unique initiative. Come this Friday February 19 at 7 pm on our facebook page or on our Youtube channel to discover this museum.

There are many other initiatives on February 20: http://www.stillstandingforculture.be/