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Support the second album by Refugees for Refugees

29 October 2018

To support the production of their second album, we are launching a crowdfunding campaign to collect 10.000€ in 30 days through the platform KissKissBankBank .

Refugees for Refugees unites 10 musicians who are refugees and have arrived in Belgium from Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tibet. They have united their diverse musical heritages in order to create a unique repertoire, building bridges between their cultures and putting out a message of hope and resilience.

From the foundations that they have built has emerged an amazing synergy, extending ever further the boundaries of musical collaboration. As if turning a new page, the new album symbolizes reconstruction, a fresh breath in order to find a way forward after having their lives torn apart.

The group called Refugees for Refugees is the fruit of a meeting between traditional musicians who arrived in Belgium as refugees and the association Muziekpublique, a world music center based in Brussels. Fleeing the disasters of their regions of origin, threats impelled them to leave what was once a wonderful land and leave behind an essential heritage, but taking with them their knowledge and their instruments.

After bringing out their first album, Amerli, in 2016, a number of the musicians decided to continue the adventure via a number of concerts to keep alive the commitment at the heart of the project. Two years have passed and the adventure so far has been unbelievable. The first album was voted “Best album of 2016” by the highly rated international “Transglobal World Music Charts”. The group had the good fortune to perform on some outstanding stages and to enjoy some shared moments which will long remain in everyone’s memory: Music Meeting (NL), Africolor Festival (FR), Espéranzah Festival (BE), Festival des 5 Continents (CH), Globaltica Festival (PL), Festival van Vlaanderen (BE) and many more.

The band’s current repertoire represents an exciting new stage in their development, consisting of joint compositions of hitherto unreleased and original titles drawing on the traditions of each participant. Proud of the path they have followed and of the message that they bear, the musicians in the team are determined that this second album should see the light of day. The release of the album is planned for February 2019.



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