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Playlists to enjoy from the comfort of your sofa

Musical Love in Time of Corona
30 March 2020

Even though we are temporarily closed, Muziekpublique is there for you. The team of Muziekpublique creates playlists for you to enjoy world music from the comfort of your sofa.

Sit back and enjoy


  • Artistic director, Peter Van Rompaey, takes the lead. Get to know the enormous diversity of well-known and lesser known world music artists. His extensive Spotify-list ‘Musical love in time of Corona’ provides hours of listening pleasure. LISTEN TO PETER’S PLAYLIST


  • A ‘presidential’ playlist by Vitor de Ascencao, the president of Muziekpublique. As a former Portuguese refugee, Vitor realizes the value of music as a protest voice during the Carnation Revolution. In his playlist you can discover a lot of lusophonic music, in addition to some surprising side roads. VITOR’S PLAYLIST


  • Farouk El Khadji is not only working as an accountant at Muziekpublique, but he has a second life as a professional dancer. He is one of the driving forces of the crew The Gap. Although he usually turns to hip-hop or other urban music with his moves, world music sometimes pops up unexpectedly, like with the Brazilian Barbatuques. While the family’s roots are in Morocco, love makes him dream of Avellino, near Naples. LUISTER NAAR FAROUK’S PLAYLIST


  • Since about a year Jeremy Saive takes part of the stage manager / technical team of Muziekpublique. He’s also one of the driving forces of newborn cultural hub Les Temps Mêlés in Verviers. As regular sound engineer at the Queimada’s (bal folk) he’s prepared us a list full of exquisite folk music. JEREMY’S PLAYLIST


  • For more than 10 years Jonathan Vanneste is working as free lance sound engineer for Muziekpublique. In his playlist you can discover local bands such as TriOrganico, Mogil and Vardan Hovanissian & Emre Gültekin next to international artists. JONATHAN’S PLAYLIST


  • The album Jola – Hidden Gnawa Music in Brussels (Muziekpublique 12) is one of the results of the PhD of the musicologist Hélène Sechehaye. In this playlist she takes us along the Silk Road, but Shakira and Bruno Letron’s Valhermeil should also be included. DE PLAYLIST VAN HELENE


  • Patricia Van Cauwenberge and Osvaldo Hernandez are wife and husband and teachers at the Muziekpublique academy. They also form the Celmaca duo, which brings compositons rooted in Latin-American traditions, such as their playlist. “If you want to get to know people, you have to listen to their music” LUISTER HIER NAAR HUN PLAYLIST



  • Wouter Vandenabeele is not only the violin player of Tamala, the trio with Mola Sylla and Bao Sissoko, but also the driving force of Fiddlers on the Move, uniting some great fiddle players to teach their skills. So you may not be surprised to hear some violin in his playlist, next to some classical beauties and his love for Africa. WOUTER’S PLAYLIST


  • Morgane cultivates her passion for vocals from all over the world. She’s looking for sounds touching the souls, breaking codes, reinventing a modern world, but keeping a rooted spirit ! Looking for those goosebumps? So is she ! LISTEN TO MORGANE’S PLAYLIST


  • Louise is the rock for our music academy and the label. For this playlist, she selected her personal favorites from our label and delicious classics from the genre. Take a moment to dream away with these sounds. LISTEN TO LOUISE’S PLAYLIST


  • Jolan is production manager at Muziekpublique since one year. He has a great passion for Brazilian music and combines that in this playlist with tunes from other continents. He hopes that this music will bring you a bit of joy in these strange times because of the corona virus. LISTEN TO JOLAN’S PLAYLIST


  • Kenza is one of the new members of the Muziekpublique’s team. She has gladly started as label manager and is now sharing her playlist with you. It is a mix that will make you feel good and travel between different languages and different styles. LISTEN TO KENZA’S PLAYLIST


  • Our European volunteer Charlotte lived in Egypt for almost three years. Her playlist is marked by nostalgia for the Arabic language and the atmosphere of Cairo, but there are also other influences (Haiti, Brazil) and at times it even becomes danceable. LISTEN TO CHARLOTTE’S PLAYLIST


  • Aneliya, our intern Hide & Seek Festival brings the Bulgarian touch to the collective Tropical DJipsies – a trio of female DJs who are active on the ‘global underground’ scene in Brussels. Their DJ sets mix sounds from their native regions (Greece, Portugal, Bulgaria) as well as from other continents. LISTEN TO ANELIYA’S PLAYLIST


  • Pauline is the intern in charge of the Living Room Festival. She offers you a playlist with gypsy and African influences, to bring you a little joy and make you dance in these difficult times! LISTEN TO PAULINE’S PLAYLIST