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Muziekpublique residence 2024

Selected projects
05 April 2024

Muziekpublique organizes the second edition of the residence program during which we support emerging artists in the development of their musical project. Today we announce the two selected projects: Les Kickeuses & Alfaia!

You will hear from these two projects regularly in the coming year.

Les Kickeuses
A duo full of energy and finesse; their repertoire is a mix of original compositions, traditional melodies and essential folk covers! Discover their music on Soundcloud over here.

Alfaia is a project born from the meeting between Spanish and North African music cultures that combines the beautiful voice of Verónica, the warm sounds of the oud and the viola of Adil Benhsain with the sounds of Elvira’s cello. The trio takes you to the heart of a repertoire of traditional music from the countries of Galicia, the Maghreb and the rich cultural heritage of Castile-la-Mancha.