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First virtual “Sonamos Latinoamérica” festival

76 groups and soloists, 18 countries, from 19 to 28/06
09 June 2020

“Sonamos Latinoamérica” is much more than a festival. It is a joint effort of independent artists who are determined to highlight the diversity of Latin American music. It is an encounter where culture is nurtured and shared. Latin America harbours a particularly diverse traditional music through the cross-fertilization of rhythms from Africa and stringed instruments from Europe with the flutes and vocals of the indigenous people.

Due to Covid-19, the festival will have a virtual edition this year. From 19 to 28 June, you can watch no less than 76 groups and soloists from 18 different countries. On Sunday 21 June there will be a group from Belgium: TriOrganico. These 3 multi-instrumentalists are fascinated by the multifaceted sounds of the Latin American continent. 2 members of the group, Osvaldo HernandézNapoles en Patricia Hernandez-Van Cauwenberge, also teach at the music academy of Muziekpublique.

Check out the line-up of the festival here

In Europe you can watch the festival daily from 12 PM onwards.