Living Room Music Festival 2023

Edition @ Transvaal
Sunday 7 May 2023

Tickets will still be available for the festival this Sunday, May 7th, in Oudergem’s Transvaal neighborhood.

1/ Favorise purchasing your 3 concerts pass (see below).
2/ On the day of, please visit our checkpoint located avenue Léopold Florent Lambin n°1 in 1160 Ouderghem, from 1pm to purchase your 3 concerts pass or even a last minute ticket for only one concert.
3/ If you don’t have time to reach the checkpoint, you can go directly at the place of your chosen concert (see program and schedules below) to purchase your solo ticket (only available for this concert – subject to availability – plan 5 euros/concert in cash).

Welcome to the Transvaal district in Auderghem, where the Living Room Music Festival celebrates its twentieth edition this year!

This Sunday, May 7th, 9 residents will open the doors of their living room to organize a concert of traditional world music and put the Transvaal neighborhood in the spotlight. Come and discover musicians from different backgrounds during this afternoon and meet some Transvaal residents, their neighbours, spectators and volunteers who are present at the festival. The special thing about the Transvaal neighborhood is, among other things, its serenity. You can enjoy a quiet walk from one concert to another.

How does it work? Choose 3 concerts from the 9 announced concerts. Each group plays 3 concerts of 30 minutes, alternated with 30 minutes during which the audience moves from one living room to another. Consult the program below and choose your 3 concerts! Be bold, it’s not every day that you can make a musical journey between the 5 continents in such a small area! The distances between the different locations can always be done by foot or by bicycle in a maximum of 15 minutes.

On the day of the festival: Take your ticket (on your smartphone or printed on paper) directly to the address of the resident of the first concert you chose. If you have any questions, if you’re lost or if just want to say hello, the community hall (located at L.F. Lambin 1) will be your go-to central information point. It is open and accessible for a drink and for a toilet break.
If you want to buy tickets for one single concert where there are still places left, you can also go to this checkpoint (open from 12pm on Sunday 07/05).

Happy festival!

The players of the National Lottery are happy to be able to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Living Room Music Festival. With a view to improving the image of a specific Brussels district, as well as focusing on Belgian intercultural artists from a niche sector, the project contributes to the national prestige of Belgium. The values ​​around community building and “opening doors for” are beautiful and similar to those of the national lottery.

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1. Cumali duo at Laurent's
2. Shak Shakito (Congo) At Pascal's
3. Alfaia At Michel Vervloet's
4. Café Colaj At En Bord de Soignes's
5. Babela Navarro Miralles (Chili) At Edouard and Monica's
6. Turikumwe (afro-colombian) At FEDASIL's
7. Aki Sato At Michèle
8. Moussa Niang & Pape Brahim Niang Cissokho (Senegal) At Alisée's
9. 3'Ain (Syria/Belgium) At Philippe and Françoise's

Reservations for the Living Room Music Festival are highly recommended due to the small amount of tickets available.

A ticket for the festival costs 15€ (or 12€ for Muziekpublique members), and gives you access to 3 concerts of your choice.

Choose the type of ticket you want, and the amount for each of them. (member or non-member).
Then, select your 3 concerts, at compatible hours ! (if a concert is not available in the list, it means it is already sold out)
Follow the instructions to the checkout page in order to complete and pay your reservation.

We accept paspartoe & article 27 reductions, but you need to pass by our ticket office in order to book with those reductions. (Opening hours on contact page here)

Choose your selection of 3 concerts :