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Don’t miss Tamala’s brand new single: Tolof Tolof!

New album in 2021
20 January 2020

The song Tolof Tolof which means “he who lives in misery” is a call for the removal from the streets of young Senegalese children, the talibés, whose lives are endangered every day by so-called marabouts. In Senegal, many young minors find themselves forced to beg in the streets or face physical violence from their Koranic master, also known as marabout. Initially entrusted by their families to Koranic schools in order to receive a religious education, some marabouts set up a lucrative business using alms, one of the five pillars of Islam, for personal enrichment. Despite public recognition of such practices and the Senegalese authorities’ desire to put an end to forced begging and abuse, it is still the daily life of many children.



Composition and lyrics: Mola Sylla

Arrangement: Tamala

Directed by : Brieuc Beckers

Mixed : Jérémy Saive

Lights : Mathieu Alexandre


Musicians :

Bao Sissoko – Kora

Mola Sylla – Vocals, likembe

Wouter Vandenabeele – Violin



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