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Nedaye Asemani (2010)

Shahkilid, a Persian word meaning the key that opens all doors, was created by tombak master Dadmehr with the idea of opening up new horizons in Persian music. The group’s sophisticated arrangements are, remarkably, produced through pure instrumental improvisation. Nedaye Asemani means ’heavenly murmur’ and refers to Neda, the young woman who died during the 2009 Iranian protests. The CD is an ode to the desire for freedom that she has come to symbolize, as well as a manifesto for openness to different musical styles.


  1. Pish Darämad
  2. Naväye Behesht
  3. Vadeghah
  4. Goftegooe Setareha
  5. Rameshgar
  6. Rahaee
  7. Nedäye Äsemani


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