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SOLD OUT - Sutari (Poland) | Les Divas Dugazon (Be)

Saturday 3 February 2018 - 20h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
SAT 03/02

Two young female polyphonic trios who move effortlessly between tradition and innovation and who both come to present a new album. This is the common thread of an evening featuring two groups whose paths have already crossed more than once. Prepare yourself for an evening of sophisticated girl-power.

Following a much appreciated concert in 2016 the Divas Dugazon return with a new EP “Rossignol”. The repertoire of this popular Brussels a capella trio is as cosmopolitan as our capital city itself and draws upon a wide range of genres and traditions, from klezmer to samba- and cumbia rhythms, gypsy polyphony and contemporary music. The trio invite you to share a powerful and poetic experience with ingredients including a pounding heartbeat, a mysterious wind, strange languages whispering in your ear and the howling song of the wolf. Music to listen to with your eyes closed perhaps, although well worth watching too.

Sutari played their first concert outside their homeland for Muziekpublique but have since toured extensively round half the world. The three Polish musicians make a welcome return to Brussels with their second album, “Thistles”. They described their first album, which features songs learned from their grandmothers accompanied by kitchen percussion including a mixer, a grater and the sound of dripping water, as “a kitchen avant-garde of three female voices and everyday instruments”. Their new album shares with the thistle a wide palette of colors mixed with a certain wildness and an ability to prickle the senses. Alongside percussion – whether from the kitchen or otherwise – violin and basetla (an instrument halfway between a cello and double-bass) Sutari have added the Lithuanian kankles, a type of zither. The new album features melodies from the Kujawy, Wielkopolska and Mazowsze regions as well as poetic compositions which conjure up a fairytale atmosphere

Les Divas Dugazon
  • Liévine Hubert: vocals, caxixi
  • Mouna Yantour: vocals, caxixi, cajón, pandeiro
  • Cassandre Prieux: vocals, caxixi, triangle, guazá
  • Basia Songin: vocals, basetla, jew’s harp, percussion
  • Kasia Kapela: vocals, violin, kankles, percussion
  • Zosia Barańska: vocals, violin, percussion

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