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SOLD OUT - Queimada: Korvenn Trio (BE), ThouxAzun (FR), A Contrabanda,...

Folk ball
Saturday 16 March 2019 - 19h00
Maison du Peuple de St-Gilles - 37 Parvis de St-Gilles, 1060 St-Gilles
SAT 16/03

The Queimada (folk ball) is a classic in our programming. Drinking together the Queimada, the magic potion, symbolises and consecrates the friendship between musicians and the public.

Like a whirlwind, true to the image of the name of the group “Korvenn de la Jument” (marine whirlwind of South Finistere), the musicians of the Korvenn Trio will share with the dancers a folk repertoire of waltz, Scottish, bourrée … and also their passion for Breton music through Suite Gavotte, Plinn, Kost ar c’hoat, Avant Deux, Ken Tuch ‘…

Thoux is a Gers village in the Gascony of Toulouse, The Val d’Azun is located in the mountains of Bigorre, two wonderful places to discover urgently! And it is there that Guillaume Lopez (Brotto-Lopez, …) and Clément Rousse live, one in Thoux, country of the ducks, the other in Val d’Azun, country of the chamois. It was therefore natural that their first business card, CD 6 titles-August 2018, is called “Canard-Isard.”

The two accomplices know each other for a few years to have participated together in various formations of music to dance of Gascony, Quercy … Vote in Ball, lo Bal Del Lop. In this meeting ThouxAzun, their worlds mingle and inspire each other. The repertoire consists essentially of original compositions rooted in the Pays d’Oc. Rhythm, sound, travel and languages (Oc./ Fr. /Sp.) are the ingredients of this duet in which dance is at the centre of the game.


Korvenn :

  • Etienne Evrats : percussion
  • Pierre Challe : accordion
  • Jean-Armel Meignen : clarinet


ThouxAzun :

  • Guillaume Lopez : vocals, flutes, boha
  • Clément Rousse : diatonic accordion, kick

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