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SOLD OUT - Queimada : 21 BOutONS, Topette, A Contrabanda

Folk Ball
Saturday 1 December 2018 - 19h00
Maison du Peuple de St-Gilles - 37 Parvis de St-Gilles, 1060 St-Gilles
SAT 01/12

We have invited two transnational folk ball music groups to this Queimada.  First on, the accordion duo 21 BOutONs brings together Wallonia and Catalonia.  They are followed by the Anglo-French members of Topette, offering a dazzling alternative to Brexit. Between the two concerts our druid will prepare the Queimada Galician potion, accompanied by the A Contrabanda pipe band. And to warm you up, we’ll start the evening with an introduction to dance given by our Frissefolk partners.

Founded more than 10 years ago in Vienna, the belgo-catalan accordion duo are still pulsing with the same pleasure. Marinette Bonnert and Pere Romani mix their own compositions with the traditional dances of their regions. With 4 albums and hundreds of balls to their credit, 21 BOutONs will guide you with brio over the dance floor.

The Anglo-French acoustic group Topette was born in friendship to create virtuosity. These unrestrained musical adventurers play music in which talent and dynamism are equally matched. These five friends play traditional music from everywhere, joyful and leading you on and bewitching you to join the dance. You can be sure of one thing: they will not go unnoticed!



  • Marinette Bonnert: diatonic accordion
  • Pere Romani: diatonic accordion




  • Andy Cutting: diatonic accordion
  • James Delarre: violin
  • Julien Cartonnet: bagpipes, banjo
  • Tania Buisse: bodhrán
  • Barnaby Stradling: acoustic bass guitar



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