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SOLD OUT - Justin Vali Trio (MDG) @Brussels Royal Yacht Club

Hide & Seek Festival 2018
Thursday 23 August 2018 - 20h00
Brussels Royal Yacht Club - Chaussée de Vilvorde 1, 1020 Laeken
THU 23/08

Set sail for Madagascar with the Justin Vali Trio. Virtuoso and ambassador for the valiha, a kind of tubular zither made of bamboo, the national instrument of the Red Isle, Justin Vali joins with Roméo Tovoarimino on acoustic guitar and Seva Berto on mandolin to invite you on a journey to the southern hemisphere. With his acoustic music, Justin propels the music of his ancestors into the contemporary world in the most delicate of ways, getting it to sail away and flirt with other styles, while remaining faithful to the culture that is his own. All this produces a strange result, combining polyrhythms, raw singing, textures and heightened atmospheres of an authenticity of which Justin has made himself the guardian. As you embark in the capital’s last yacht marina, you will have the possibility of eating and drinking before you are carried away by the sounds of Madagascar.


  • Justin Rakotondrasoa (Justin Vali): valiha, kabossy, vocals
  • Roméo Tovoarimino (Doudou): guitar, vocals
  • Seva Berto: mandolin, vocals

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