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End of Season

Academy festival - students on stage
From Saturday 15 to Sunday 16 June 2019 - 19h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
SAT 15/06
SUN 16/06

Every week more than 600 students take part in the world music and dance courses of Muziekpublique’s music school. They learn to play the oud, the bombo or the gaita, overtone or throat-singing, to dance cajon flamenco or tango… Other learn to play together the repertoires of Turkish music, of the Balkans or European folk music. They get the chance to improve their playing of an instrument, to discover through music the riches of a culture and to share their passion for music with their teachers and other students.


Traditionally, the End of Season celebrates the students and their teachers. During these two shows, they will present their work, the result of several weeks of lessons. The End of Season show will, in a unique way, go over the various music cultures that live together and thrive in Brussels.


Bring all your friends to cheer them, and who knows, … you might join them next year!


Saturday 7pm


Oud, Eastern choir & music theory (Elias Bachoura), diatonic accordion (Simon Gielen & Anne Niepold), Congolese traditional dancing (Tister Ikomo), South-Italian percussions (Emanuela Lodato), Rhythm in the voice (Vincent Noiret ), kamélé N’goni (Ousmane Diara), kanoun (Souhad Najem), Balkan Ensemble (Nicolas Hauzeur), Italian singing (Morena Brindisi), bombo, cajon, boleadoras, Brazilian percussions (Osvaldo & Patricia Hernandez), overtone and throat-singing ( Raphael De Cock + surprise act), tango-ensemble, tango violin (Ananta Roosens)


Sunday 2.30pm


Eastern violin (Shalan Alhamwy), ney (Tammam Al Ramadan), Manouche ensemble (Renaud Dardenne), Tin Whistle (Raphael De Cock), pandeireta, conchas, tambor, gaita and Galician singing (Karen de Pooter, Xabi Sanchze & Raphael De Cock), Tango Dance (Dante & Monica Dominguez), Turkish Ensemble (Tristan Driessens), duduk (Vardan Hovanissian), bendir and darbuka (Robbe Kieckens & Simon Leleux), West-Afrikaanse guitar and balafon (Mady Kouyate ), balfolk Ensemble (Jonas Malfliet en Rebecca Van Bogaert), East-West Ensemble (Jonas Malfliet & Shalan Alhamwy), folk violin (Anouk Sanczuk), accordion ensemble (Piet maris), Balkan accordion (Aurel Budisteanu) , flamenco: dance, guitar, cajon and singing (Coral Vados, Pedro Marcos Cano Montiel, Antonio Segura, Antonio Pass)


Stay tuned, changes to the schedule are still possible. We will update this page if there are any changes.


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