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From Monday 24 to Saturday 29 June 2024 - 12h00
MON 24/06
SAT 29/06

The Matonge neighborhood is a cosmopolitan enclave. It pulsates with colors, smells of cuisine and the wide diversity of people’s faces. Hair salons are next to grocery stores filled with fruits and vegetables. People grab Bissap on terraces and on sunny days, it’s not uncommon to hear the hits that have taken the African continent by storm pour out of a brand new sound system.

Look@Matonge showcases the musical diversity and richness of this Brussels neighborhood between Porte de Namur and Saint-Boniface. Photographer Marie Lhoir has been documenting life in Matonge for many years with portraits that emphasize interculturality and human connections.

For Look@Matonge, 10 artists from different generations, all with more or less close ties to Matonge, along with a selection of iconic neighborhood merchants, will pose in pairs. The photographs will  then be displayed in large format in store windows. On June 29th, you can also enjoy acoustic concerts in front of some of the neighborhood’s shops. The photo exhibition and music will combine to give a fresh look on this African gem in the heart of Brussels. Whether you’re a regular visitor to Matonge, just passing by, or a fervent admirer of the musicians from Muziekpublique, come delight your eyes and ears.


Line Up

Anne Niepold | 10.30

Maison Renardy – 111b, Chaussée de Wavre

Anne Niepold chez Maison Renardy à IxellesAccordionist Anne Niepold defies musical boundaries with her enchanting tunes, crafted from a mix of artistic encounters and diverse influences. Her unique musical world and distinctive approach to the diatonic accordion let her blend different eras and styles, breaking down all sorts of musical barriers and constantly pushing her instrument’s limits. Writing, composing, and arranging are at the core of what she does. Anne Niepold loves to playfully deconstruct musette and tango, giving them a fresh, personal, and contemporary twist. She surprises and delights with her boldness, showing us an accordion like we’ve never seen before.



Bao Sissoko | 11.30

Ô Sénégal VIP – 114, Chaussée de Wavre

Bao Sissoko chez O Sénégal VIPOriginating from Senegal, Bao Sissoko embodies the very essence of the griot tradition. He brings ancestral stories to life with the resonating 21 strings of his kora, the West African harp of which he knows every secret. His repertoire dances between the tradition of Mandinka culture and the innovation of contemporary music. Bao Sissoko has collaborated with numerous artists, including Mamy Kounate, Vaya Con Dios, and Abou Thiam. He is also a member of the group Tamala alongside Mola Sylla and Wouter Vandenabeele.


Emanuela Lodato & Vincent Noiret | 12.30

Festival Musique – Galerie de la Porte de Namur

Emannuela Lodato & Vincent Noiret chez Festival Musique

Percussionist and singer Emanuela Lodato and double bassist Vincent Noiret joyfully and boldly blend the traditional music of southern Italy with European jazz/folk. In the trio Nisia, along with Belgian accordionist Jonathan De Neck, they re-interpret, compose, and merge ancient musical traditions to create a unique style rooted in the rich cultures of Sicily, Calabria, and Campania. Their repertoire draws inspiration from work songs, songs of struggle and mourning, lullabies, ballads, and the lively rhythms of tarantellas. This music, rich in emotions, breaks down linguistic and cultural barriers that still oppress our society. Emanuela Lodato and Vincent Noiret also lead many folk dances.

Hicham Bilali | 13.30

Le Laakam – 18, Rue Longue Vie | Concert at 13.30

Hicham Bilali au Laakam

Hicham Bilali, founder of the group Black Koyo, is a key figure in the Belgian music scene. Born into a family where Gnaoua music played a central role, Hicham began his training at the age of 18 in Fès under the guidance of Maâlem Dekkaki. Although this age is considered late in the Gnaoua tradition, Hicham’s talent shone through. In just three years, he mastered the subtleties of this ancient art. After European tours and many enriching experiences, he arrived in Belgium. Driven by a thirst for artistic encounters and collaborations, Hicham Bilali engaged in numerous jam sessions and parallel projects. Today, he promotes and spreads the Gnaoua culture in Brussels and beyond.


Kaito Winse | 14.30

La Signare – 26,  rue de la Paix | Concert at 14.30

Kaito Winse chez La Signare

Kaito Winse was born in the northern desert of Burkina Faso, in a family of griots in the village of Lankoué. He’s a multi-talented artist – a singer, dancer, and multi-instrumentalist who keeps his country’s oral traditions alive. Kaito Winse masters several traditional instruments like the calabash, mouth bow, Fula flute, toutlé flute, and the tama, a drum used to mimic speech. He’s a true musical chameleon, collaborating across a wide range of styles. From experimental punk noise to jazz, theater, and dance, Kaito Winse’s eclectic world is incredibly rich.


Photography Exhibition

Gueladio Bâ @ Les 3 Fuuta – 103, Chausée de Wavre

Fredy Massamba @ Chez Chango – 116, Chaussée de Wavre

Marie Daulne (Zap Mama) @ Vendôme – 18, Chaussée de Wavre

Manou Gallo @ Chez Sabine – Galerie Matonge

Princesse Mansia M’bila @ Boutique Diaspora Africa – 22, Rue Francart


With the support of the Mayor, the Alderwoman for Commerce, the Alderman for French-speaking Culture, the Alderman for Youth, the Alderwoman for Dutch-speaking Culture, the Alderwoman for Prevention, and the members of the Municipal Council of the Municipality of Ixelles.

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