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Flamenco Workshops

Singing, guitar & dance
Saturday 22 June 2024 - 10h00
Casa Veronica - Avenue Capart 13 1090 Jette
SAT 22/06

Have you always been fascinated by flamenco? Well, now’s your chance to dive into it during our workshop weekend! You’ll get to try out flamenco dance, singing, or guitar, or if you’d like to, you can subscribe to all three of them.

In these workshops, you’ll learn the basic techniques to get you started in each discipline. And if you really catch the flamenco bug, you’re welcome to join our weekly classes at the academy. That way, you can keep growing your passion!

Antonio Paz – Flamenco singing
Time: 10am – 12am

Antonio Paz, originally from Andalusia, was introduced to flamenco at a young age by his father, who played guitar. After traveling through Asia, he returned to Spain and performed in theaters and festivals alongside famous artists like Carmen Linares and Miguel Poveda. With his talent and deep knowledge of flamenco, Antonio Paz has become a respected figure in the flamenco world, contributing to many CDs and performances worldwide.

Antonio Segura – Flamenco guitar
Time: 1am – 3pm

Antonio Segura, born in Sevilla, started playing guitar at 11 and learned from flamenco greats like Isidoro Carmona and Mario Escudero. Co-founding musical collectives and touring internationally, he’s left his mark on the global music scene. With over a decade of teaching experience, he’s celebrated in Belgium for his pedagogical skills and profound understanding of flamenco.

Saïdjah Galo – Flamenco dance
Time: 3:15 pm – 5:15 pm

Saïdjah Galo grew up in a musical family and fell in love with flamenco at a very young age. She pursued her passion by studying at the prestigious academy “La fundación Cristina Heeren de Arte Flamenco” in Seville, specializing in the Sevillan school of dancing. Through lessons with renowned artists and teaching engagements across Europe, Saïdjah’s graceful sensuality and powerful expression encapsulate the essence of flamenco.

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