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ICTM-Talk: Michel Plisson

Musical and choreographic expressions in Latin America (Sonamos Latinoamerica Festival)
Thursday 12 October 2023 - 19h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
THU 12/10

Michel Plisson is a professor of economics and social sciences, an ethnomusicologist, musician, journalist, and a lecturer. He has taught ethnomusicology at the University of Reims and at the « Conservatoire National Supérieur et de Danse » in Paris. His research on traditional, popular and scholarly music from Latin America led him to numerous trips there. Over the centuries, traditional music in Latin America has evolved by the practise of merging different cultural elements, that giving birth to unique musical expressions. This alchemy has made fascinating new musical and choreographic genres.

This session offers a unique opportunity to understand the musical evolution in Latin America and to discover the dynamic between various genres. Michel Plisson will look into the social adaptation processes that led to the emergence of this new music, and will explore with you the social conditions that have favoured their flourishing. He will try to discover the organic links that unite these multiple genres.

In a friendly atmosphere, seated around the tables in the foyer (bar) of the Théâtre Molière, the ICTM Talks are a program of lessons on six different musical traditions and the culture from which they originate. Each of the six sessions will be devoted to a different style of music, the repertoire and the territory associated with it, and presented by specialists from the world of the arts, academia or enthusiasts of the music style in question.

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