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Auster Loo Collective

Friday 19 May 2023 - 20h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
FRI 19/05

Auster Loo Collective is a breath of fresh air into the acoustic and improvised music scene in Belgium. Bringing together renowned Belgian artists, it has already as part of its work some collaborations with musicians such as Zap Mama or Ibrahim Maalouf with the challenge of putting everyone’s journey towards a new musical language. Under the artistic direction of Simon Leleux, he sets off in search of unexplored horizons. A singular universe sees the day, the result of a unique alchemy between uprooting and anchoring. Moving and dreamlike melodies alternate with rhythmic compositions alongside sustained energy. Each musician nourishes all of his skilful playing, giving an original sound where the subtlety of the koto intertwines with the teasing melodies of the kora, the piano, the double bass or the flute.

Born from the duo made of Simon Leleux and Lydie Thonnard, Auster Loo Collective has been working since 2013 around a common passion for rhythm and improvisation, inspired by their encounters with musicians from all walks of life. In 2023, a new page opens with the creation of a repertoire and the making of a first album. The group brings together eight musicians who, through their art, address the question of universal human identity. Far from any cultural appropriation, everyone puts their instrument and their history at the service of new music.

The Ensemble aims to create a neutral ground where the paths intertwine, respond to each other and are transformed infinitely.

Shahab Azinmehr : târ, setâr, singing
Osvaldo Hernandez : percussions
Simon Leleux : doholla
Célestin Massot : piano
Vincent Noiret : contrabass
Aki Sato : koto
Bao Sissko : kora,  singing
Lydie Thonnard : flute, singing

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