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SOLD OUT - Alostmen @ Brasserie Surréaliste Brewery

Hide & Seek Festival 2022
Saturday 27 August 2022 - 21h00
Brasserie Surréaliste Brewery - Place du Nouveau Marché aux Grains 22-23, 1000 Bruxelles
SAT 27/08

The renowned Art Nouveau building on the Nouveau Marché aux Grains square has a new attraction : the Brasserie Surréaliste. It is the ideal place for this surrealist brewery. The iconic building was designed by architect Emile De Boelpaepe and was previously used as a banana warehouse. It then became a hat factory belonging to Christophe Coppens (a pattern maker) until 2012. Nowadays, in the cellar, two brothers (Edouard and Charles Grison) brew wonderful beers such as the “Surréaliste” or the “Double Trouble”. Meet us there for an exclusive event : a performance by Ghana’s up-and-coming band, Alostmen!

After winning the Songlines Newscomer Award in 2021, they have come to Europe for the first time to showcase their neo-traditional trance & groove. The band members are each from different ethnical backgrounds. One thing they do have in common is the unique, convoluted way they play their instruments. Alostmen’s music is built around one ancient instrument. The Kologo, ancestor of the banjo, is a lute comprised of two strings attached to a metallic case. No one plays it more skilfully than Stevo Atambire, a modern-day griot (west-african storyteller ndtr) who is originally from the Frafra people. His voice, his mastery and his messages have made him a popular figure in the Frafra culture. The second band member, Wanlov The Kubolor is a cultural icon from the Akan & Balkan people. He plays a number of instruments, but you will probably recognise his koshka : two maracas tyed together with a chain. You will also hear him sing and rap. Then we have Abednego Sowah Ako from the Ga people, an outstanding drummer who comes from a port town called La. He plays the Gome, a box -shaped instrument, and sings Ga melodies. Last but not least, is Aminu Amadu who brings his Hausa heritage to the table to round off this quartet. Among other instruments, he plays the Dondo (tama, talking drum). He produces a wide range of melodies and acts as a bona fide human metronome : he is a true master of complex rythm patterns an west-african grooves. Together, they are ready to blow the world away with their unusual set-up and their powerful african rythms! You will be unable to stand still faced with Alostmen, and you will finally understand the meaning behind their name : they groove so hard they are impossible to keep up with.

Please note that this event starts at 21:00.

Together with our partner Brukselbinnenstebuiten we’ll organize a guided tour near the Savonneries Bruxelloises at 16h30. For more information and tickets: click here.

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