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Saraï Trio (Folk Occitan) @ New Rock climbing

Hide & Seek Festival 2022
Sunday 21 August 2022 - 18h30
New Rock Climbing - Chaussée de Watermael 136, 1160 Auderghem
SUN 21/08

Sports and music may well belong to very different universes, sparks often occur when we combine them. Prepare yourself for a dazzling and colourful experience! The climbing hall New Rock is welcoming us for an unprecedented concert of the Occitan trio Saraï. Before going in, take off your shoes, and get yourself a comfortable seat on the soft ground of the highest climbing hall on site.


For 10 years, the duo Sophie Cavez and Baltazar Montanaro have ensured a poetic folk music where improvisation and communication are mixed with influences from Belgian, French and Hungarian musical traditions. Together with singer and percussionist Juliette Minvielle, they have founded the new trio Saraï, which means “I become” in Occitan. The trio has selected beautiful Occitan poems written by women, that describe womanhood in all its forms… An anthology of love songs and Occitan everyday life, from the Middle Ages to today. Prepare yourself for timeless refinement, where violin, accordion and percussions accompany an angel’s voice.


  • Sophie Cavez: diatonic accordion
  • Juliette Minvielle: singing, percussions
  • Baltazar Montanaro: baritone violin

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