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Torgeir Vassvik (Norway)

Sami Power from the far North
Friday 3 February 2023 - 20h00
Molière Theatre - Galerie de la Porte de Namur, 3 Square du Bastion, 1050 Bruxelles
FRI 03/02

In the far north of Scandinavia live the Sámi, the only indigenous people in Europe. Once known as Lapps, they now consider this term offensive. The Sámi sing the ancient joik, which has similarities with the songs of the North American Indians and the Inuit. A unique kind of melodic pattern, this form of rhythmic literature does not draw a clear line between song and words. A central element of Sami culture, the joik evokes the spirit of a person, animal or place. Torgeir Vassvik, a leading Sámi artist, has developed a universal “avant-garde joik” that fascinates with its traditional and animistic vision.

A mirror of the soul, Vassvik’s voice, born in Gamvik in the far north of Europe, is a rare and raw gem with multiple facets. Influenced since childhood by the animist tradition of joik singing, the musician grew up listening to his father’s music on the mandolin. He has played in indie rock bands and has been inspired by folk, jazz, classical music and musical genres from around the world. A much sought-after composer and performer, he works internationally on theatre, film, storytelling and dance productions. Through educational workshops, Torgeir has made Sami art and culture accessible to thousands of children and young people. He is one of the most innovative Sami musicians and performers of his time and is committed to preserving his heritage. He also collaborates with like-minded musicians, such as the violinist Rasmus Kjorstad from Gudbrandsdal in Norway.

  • Torgeir Vassvik: joik, guitar, frame drum, igil, birbyné, Jew’s harp
  • Rasmus Kjorstad: baritone violin, violin

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